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Newsletter update


I put on my website a link to the previous week newsletter so people can see what they COULD have won...  I am thankful to Lottaloot who does a good job of letting people know that in her frequent posts on this forum...


Btw, if you live in Michigan, pay attention to the date the newsletters are published and what they predict for winning numbers.  Noticed they love to fool the people buying them by posting "predictions" a day or two after the number falls, post date the time of their newsletter, and then people fall for it hitting?!!?!?!?!?  Wassup with that????

My Real Lotto Data newsletter is on the newsstands by 10am Monday mornings.  It usually hits Monday's draws and has for weeks, thus impressing quite a few readers.  What people need to understand is that data changes after ever draw for those who subscribe to the color=#800080www.winthelotto.net website. 

This Sunday I will be publishing this coming weeks newsletter because Sunday afternoon I am holding a class at my home for those people who want to learn how to make the newsletter work best for them.  I am glad I make this newsletter, because I am learning that quite a few people do not own home computers nor will they ever.  They LOVE the newsletter because it has REAL data and they do not want to go to a library to see it online.

Yet, for only $1.00 a week you can view this online from ANY state, ANY country and play the Michigan Lottery.  That is the thing I laugh most about on my website.  MOST of my customers do not live in Michigan.  They play online casinos using my data, to win the Michigan Lottery.  Just cracks me up... 

You would think that Michiganders would be the ones most interested in this website....  I just do not get it....  Yet, life is good, hope it is for you, and since I am going to win the lotto today, check out my website tomorrow to see how much I won....

Entry #4


Comment by TomCat - November 30, 2004, 8:27 pm
Tonight is a great lesson for my customers. When you see me hitting tonights 603, note that I played the ticket on Monday midday and evening and hit Mondays midday and Tuesday's evening draw. I teach people when you see a number that is way overdue fall, expect it to fall again in just a few days... It did, I won 2x and may even win again....
Comment by TomCat - December 3, 2004, 9:18 am
Todd does not like me posting much on here because of the fact he thinks it will take away traffic from this GREAT forum. By far the LOTTERY POST is the best source for anyone to go to for lottery information since there are so many people here with different skill sets and knowledge... His "thank-you" post is important part of why this site is so good... butt ( I love butts ) I digress...

The reason I came here this morning is to first ask a question. Why is it that there are so many "systems" out there that CLAIM to be successful, yet don't post daily wins like I do, and daily customer feedback PRAISING - REAL LOTTO DATA???

Do you want to win? Alternatively, hope to win? I prefer winning.

For 2 months now the pair of 6/8 was long due in Michigan to fall. I freaked many of my customers the other day when I tried to explain to them I am not excited about the pair falling, until it falls. Alls a long pair tells me is that it is just that, not falling. So why play it? YET I taught them to understand the LAW OF AVERAGES and when it FINALLY does fall, come right back with it!!! It was the #2 pair in the three digit until it did not fall for the last 2 months and then falls yesterday 2x!! EXACTLY WHAT I SAID!!

Now did I say that here at Lottery Post? No. Great forum, but I do this for a living and expect people to pay me for my advice.. You just need to ask any of my customers who are also Lottery Post members and ALL of them will tell you straight up - that is what tomcat said..

Btw, Real Lotto Data was AWESOME yesterday. Not only does my FRONT PAGE of my Weekly Newsletter list 468, but the daily worksheet I create and spreadsheet customers get had the pair 6/8 #1 for Most/Sorted and the pair 4/8 #3 Most/Sorted.

Not hard to put them together for what I call an "easy win". Real Lotto Data works, it is just data that you need to learn how to use. Yes I toss out the winning numbers to my customers often, butt (love em) I prefer they learn to study on their own and kick Michigan Lottery's butt!!
Comment by TomCat - December 7, 2004, 4:25 pm
At around 7:30 am this morning I made 3 picks for our daily contest and one of them was 709 and 709 fell straight like I called it. Again, customers and I won... Proof? Ticket will be online tomorrow, because more people are impressed with me hitting 4/5 in the Fantasy 5 game that is currently my showcase ticket. You could just PM Lottaloot she can tell you I called 709 at winthelotto.net. If you want to see the Fantasy 5 ticket just go to www.winthelotto.net/mostrecent.jpg.

If you play in Michigan, or online and want to use REAL LOTTO DATA come see me...

I read Lottaloots blog this morning and am feeling kinda sad for her. I hate to see players get frustrated. Sorta like Stargazer. Two very active players frustrated right now because the data is on high tide and they are missing the easy wins.... It will turn around.. just have to weather the storm!!

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