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Solaris Predict Powerball Again


POWERBALL RESULT  57 47 69 66 30  PB 03 wednesday       NO JACKPOT WINNER      Did anyone win ticket here? 

FANTASTIC We could not show much better now.   Our Solaris Grid worked greatly and show all the winners .  High numbers in result indicated need to add 30 or 60 to choices to get result accurate this time.

Sun-s digits list was good for all double digits as 00 4 6 3 9 7 and second digits of all in result....all hits Pyn digits first 27 good and 09 also 

SOLARIS PREDICTS ACCURATELY       Best leads LISTS are COL 3 9 as 69  47/47 27/58 as 57 and 36/6 as 66  is five good                  SOLARIS top row 03 09 as 69 57/27 and 36 as 66*  second row 3/3 and 0/0 as 30 and 39 as 69 and 47 pinpointers                    example grid pb 03, 27 as 57, and 09 as 69*        countall 47 39 33 36   and count30all 17 9 6 was = 66 69 to win.      Our                  updated list showed  47 30 and 03 and 27 as 57 for four winners posted in list of 6 >  (27 24/54 4/3 42 47 56 30). 


Solar-is is the real position, whereas SOLARIS is the seven positions of this world in dimensions and degrees, so we advance this entirely in a whole view, using either specifics and particulars of the seven positions of the Sun and the seven planets to the Sun. 

In the model, we use the advanced Date diagram PYN for digits, and compare with the key Solaris of the Sun degrees and the field of planets provides back up and triangulation of the three levels of signs and degrees to find the whole pattern. A far more advanced perception of what this is provided in our paneagle blogspot and other web pages, and through the writings or email free e-books and works of Paneagle. 


Solar-IS the work of paneagle, the most advanced Solarist (Solar Astrology) in the world. We do not depend on the former Astrology models, nor the current or common ecliptic zodiac signs and definitions. There is nothing like it in the world, because it is the only Real reading of the Solar Clock and the Solar-IS as a whole. The funny thing is you do not need to depend on the numbers or degrees or out definitions, but as individuals, you can discern your own real position to the TruReality life is, without it. Yet it is here also for us.

SOLARIS supports SEE FOUNDATION, the seeocean org.anization, and also works of NU-U-U presentation, and working with the natural environment, and the Altruism Lottery Project (ALP)  where players play our winning numbers, and become free participants, sharing altruistically in all directions or individually. This is AN OPEN INVITATION. 

Best to ALL-IS; Paneagle

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