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Pick 3 Wheelers.


Last Edited: May 8, 2016, 4:12 am

A filtered wheeler besides being able to make and filter Straight and Box Wheels, it should also have an option for pasting combinations onto it that then can be filtered out.

It should also have an option for filtering out pick 3 numbers that you paste onto it from a pool of numbers that you also paste onto it.

It should also have a "Key-Digit(s) Filter and a "Key-Pair(s) Filter.

Both the Key-Digit(s) and the Key-Pair(s) Filters should have Straight and Boxed Filtering options.

A pick 3 wheeler should also have "Pairs Filters" such as Low-High, Even-Odd, Sums, Roots, LDS (LDR), Widths, Digits Filters, Etc.

The Boxed part of the wheeler should have an option for using any of the 6 Singles permutations and any of the 3 Doubles permutations:

123 = ABC

132 = ACB

231 = BCA

213 = BAC

312 = CAB

321 = CBA

SDD = 122

DSD = 212

DDS = 221

Triples = 333 = TTT


A much more advanced type of filtered wheeler would also have options for making custom types of filters.

A very advanced filtered wheeler would also have options for making preset filter(s) layouts, masks or workouts based on preset filters rules using a listing of past winning draws.


What I have posted about can also be used on the pick 4 game and even on jackpot kind of games.

Part of what I said was about automatic filtration using a listing of past winning draws and a set or sets of filtration(s) rules, they would be something like: If, And, Or, Then, Etc, besides the particular filtration rules themselves, it would use what is seen on given past winning draws and or on a particular range or section(s) of past draws.

The rules can be created and loaded into the software as needed, or pasted somewhere on it, the filtration rules would be a filtering script using past winning numbers that the program would follow (use).

That script or scripts would be based on particular filtering methods or techniques that a person would make or develop and or that somebody somewhere made or developed, people could share "Filtering Scripts" if they wanted to.

Such scripts could be saved and reused (loaded into or onto the program) as needed.

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