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Solaris predicts PBALL AGAIN and AGAIN ever better



ALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT is to help players win, to share winnings with the other REAL PLAYERS of the list, and build a freedom bank for all of us.   

See STAR LOTTERY FORUM or FLORIDA2015 forum for Win Prediction and Solutions.    Solaris list 5/14  sumo 1 13 4 17 round 0 7 10 12 24 26   MODE 28 10 7 25 23 27 13  =   bold underline (exact/close) = 13 4 (as 64) 27 and 17 as 47  10/10 as 9      As we round by 30/60 or by 1  

My tickets close again and wondering how a group of players didn't get a winner unless we are not playing, because the numbers are here!

Digits SUPER 73456 AND 210349 was nearly perfect for best choice 73 21 as most common and combo = 27 5 4 64 13 09 (we can take the common 1 to make +5 = 6 in 65. and combine the common 7 as a second digit to 4 = 47. 

THE SOLARIS SOLUTION SET had 27 47 5 as 65 and bottom 4 as 65 64 round up, with 13 left and the right side digits was perfect to result.                      Usually to win the lottery, combination are needed, rounding in some cases, and including at least one pair bond (two numbers close or paired). 

We will continue to post this Solaris solution group until we win, and players are invited to get in while we do so. ALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT is for those who are really willing to share the world, the universe and the prediction values to give a real advantage to players who play well. Maybe we can really Free the World too. 

Paneagle is President of Seeocean Organization SEE FOUNDATION and appears on blogtalkradio every friday 8pm est with the Kelsey Brown Show presenting as Professor CATFUN (children are future now) in Creative arts of living in the real natural environment for the Nu-u Presentation. Video on youtube for Solaris, Paneaglesong, and facebook being wonderful now!

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