Inside The GOP Effort To Draft An Independent Candidate


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Avatar Lucky Loser -
Yeah, what ever...and good luck. On a lighter note, if you really wanna see Trump yell, cry foul, and holler how it's 'rigged' against him, THEN DO IT. In turn, he'll try to sue just like he's done everyone else and even threatened to sue Ted Cruz over the very words which Ted quoted him on saying.

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength."- Oprah Winfrey

Trump was GIVEN his first million and earned NOTHING. This man knows nothing about struggling and making ends meet the average way...which is tough especially today. Sure, he's created some jobs but, nothing like he initially claimed...AND NOT ONE OF HIS EMPLOYEES IS EVEN MILLIONAIRE BUT HE'S A BILLIONAIRE? You know, the man would easily have more credibility if he'd just tell the truth, tone down all his fake-ticious tough BS, and be humble. Problem solved. "Speak loudly and carry a small stick" more applies to Trump...literally.

Seriously though,the right Independent would definitely pull some votes from him if they possess the right 'language' and are more balanced with Cruz-type voters...they'd bite. It would be a bombshell more damaging than the ones we dropped on Japan.

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