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Solaris predicts lottery



Solar-IS is the most advanced Astrology in the world. We accurately predict winning lottery projection for EURO, MEGA MILLIONS, FLORIDA LOTTERIES, POWERBALL, and OTHER STATES as requested. 

You can find us on LOTTERYPOST at STARLOTTERY forum and FLORIDA2015 with posts under PANEAGLE.

This is a continued research effort which has culminated in an excellent amazing Solaris system using the SOLAR CLOCK and the REAL TIME DEGREES with the SOLARIS SEVEN LEVELS. You can also discover your true self, the Real U in the Real Unuvurse, and the complete awareness of your true being. This has produced the Solaris model, and not the other way around. That is, life does not reflect more than life itself, and so we can use this model of awareness in the real world.

We invite players to the ALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT, to play the choices, share with others, and win the lottery with the big advantage that is here, having accurate number choices every day to play, and then share your freedom in the real SOLAR-IS, with your friends or your world, which is ALL really YU now. This is much more than winning the lottery, but when you find this out, you may also find the real choices work, both in your life, and in the Solar Star Lottery world. It's not about becoming rich, it is about being rich, all the time. 


Entry #90


RJOhComment by RJOh - May 17, 2016, 10:44 am
If you're accurately predicting the results of these drawings, why haven't you or any other LP member won one of the jackpots?
Comment by paneagle - June 4, 2016, 6:05 am
How do you need to know what we win? The predictions are listed and the follow up results. This provides real value for players to see how to choose. If you are altruistic, you will see this value straight in front of you. Whether we played the correct numbers ourselves is our own. Try a better question or better yet, show us how you found the winners from the list yourself.

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