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protesters corner florida governor jeb bush


Protesters Corner Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
PITTSBURGH (Oct. 7) - Florida Gov. Jeb Bush  got a rude welcome to the city when he came across several anti-Republican  protesters on his way to a fundraising event for U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum.

Authorities said the president's brother was briefly ushered into a supply closet at a subway station Friday, retreating with a security guard and a female aide to get away from the protesters. The picketers were marching to the exclusive Duquesne Club downtown where Santorum, R-Pa., was holding a fundraiser.

Bush was walking near the subway stop when several dozen pickets "tailed him and stayed with him and went into the Wood Street station," said Bob Grove, spokesman for the Port Authority of Allegheny County.

"(Bush) was quickly getting out of the way and not wanting to engage us," protester Jon Vandenburgh, a researcher for the United Steelworkers, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

About six or seven officers responded to control the crowd, Grove said, while approximately 75 protesters remained on the street.

Two officers used their stun guns on a pair of protesters who "were asked to leave but did not go," Grove said.

"It was a very tense situation. They were very close to the governor and shouting on top of him," Grove said.

The whole incident lasted about five minutes. No one was arrested or cited, Grove said. Bush was not injured.

A spokeswoman for the governor's office said Bush was taking a walk in Pittsburgh when his security detail from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement saw the protesters.

"The agents took an alternate route to get around them. The governor was safe at all times and had full confidence in the FDLE agents who were with him," Bush spokeswoman Alia Faraj said Saturday.

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justxploringComment by justxploring - October 8, 2006, 2:13 pm
Nobody should ever get rowdy or violent at a protest. However, I wonder why stun guns had to be used and if they were necessary. In Florida police used a taser on a little 6 year old boy because he was acting out in his first grade classroom. They can cause serious damage to the heart and nervous system. So now if we are asked to move and we stubbornly protest, we get tasered? Is this the new America?

Florida has so much crime and more child murders and molestations than anywhere I've ever lived. It seems to be a haven for these maggots that feed on innocent flesh. Since the rich live in gated communities, I guess they can continue to sail or play golf while everyone else has to put extra locks on their doors. Jeb should just stand on the border with a sign welcoming all the perverts and murderers to Florida since nobody seems to be doing anything to stop them. Then there's little 2 year old Trenton Duckett, who has yet to be found and is probably dead because nobody would listen, even though numerous letters were written to the Florida DCF and to the Governor Bush begging to save this child from his mentally ill mother. I always wonder how so many of our judges, not only in Florida, but in several other states, get to serve on the bench for so long. If you screw up at work, you get a warning. Screw up again, you get the boot. So why do people who control our very lives get to screw up over and over and over and over......??
justxploringComment by justxploring - October 8, 2006, 2:48 pm
Sorry I got off-topic, Mike. Guess I get upset when I read that a taser is used where American citizens protest. I doubt if the governor was ever in danger. I know that during my lifetime a President & Senator Kennedy were both assassinated, Governor Wallace & President Reagan were both shot, but I don't remember any of them happening at an organized protest. I probably would have yelled at the protesters myself. I saw on tv that they shouted at Bush to "Go Home" and I don't want him back.

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