Protesters Punch, Throw Eggs at Trump Supporters


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Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Trump strives on this kind of confusion. He can be his fussy self and tweet his stretched leather-face to death.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Trump strives on this kind of confusion. He can be his fussy self and tweet his stretched leather-face to death.
Avatar jarasan -
Nothing confusing about flag burning morons. I can't wait for the Philly throw down, that is where the left will eat itself.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Trump is lighting his own fires. You play with fire, you get burnt.
Avatar emilyg -
Violence at rallies is never right.
Avatar Drenick1 -
You have protesters many of whom are paid agitators burning American flags, waving Mexican flags while shouting "make California Mexico again" and yet the media keeps blaming trump. Every event that Trump speaks at there are countless ads on sites such as Craigslist offering four hours of pay to protest and instigate violence.
Obama and the DOJ know this and will do absolutely nothing while telling Democratic leaders in each town to have their police stand down.

This is absolute corruption and the Progressive left love it.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
You might as well face it, Trump attracts the low-life and seedy form of life. He, himself is much like the people he attracts. Making excuses for Trump is not going to help the situation. Birds of a feather, flock together.
Avatar jarasan -
Now that is lame, blaming Drumpfh for the actions of those useful idiots.   Those useful idiots being used by the left like puppets, and then having more useful idiots like the commentator in #7 and the mayor of san josie attempting to legitimize the useful idiots by creating some BS excuse. Those violent morons are going to wish they weren't such large a$$holes next time around.   Those violent ugly anti American mejican leftists are out for jollies and will do that mob sh1t to anyone of you, they are ignorant.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Martin Luther King said it right: "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Initially, when protesters were attending Trump rallies, they were peaceful and essentially 'VOICED' their opinions and opposition to his messages, and, this is key to my upcoming point. Neither Trump nor his supporters liked that 'freedom of speech' being executed and began to antagonize them...even attacking them. Remember? This is where all the push-back and rivalry stemmed from even if the protesters were paid, okay. Nothing illegal about that at all. Trump was involved with WWE and all its' excitement, okay, and this whole show with him down in the mud rolling around like a hog is right at home for this man. It's the reason why both this primary and general election cycle will have been like no other when it's all said and done.

Trump hasn't once admonished his supporters, be it rowdy or peaceful, to not engage in such violent behavior. In fact, he ENCOURAGED IT when he said he'd pay the legal fees for the guy that assaulted a detained man who was being peacefully escorted out. Are you people really that dense to think Donald has no skin in this? No one condones violence but, when you're inciting such reactions to people you don't like then it's a no brainer. My point: this man verbally attacks any and everyone that disagrees with him, probes him/his past/his business practices for the TRUTH, anyone that suggests a candidate to run against him, sleazy reporters that do their job, and judges that release the findings of a pending case against him.

In the end, Donald likes all this action because he can then really be just who he is. None of what's happening is an accident, okay. It's orchestrated in one way or another to control the media. In closing, the last time Republicans tried to inject that a 'stand down order' was used, (9) military officers blew it plum outta the water. However, if we really want to go there, there have since been even more subtle Benghazi revelations which aren't discussed because it doesn't support the allegations against Hillary. I have them...
Avatar jarasan -
Who was out on the street instigating blood letting? Drumpfy? I think not. There was nowhere near the violence IN A TRUMP RALLY where it could have been much worse for the INTRUDERS than what happened months ago. There is no comparison between what is happening and escalating outside the events NOW and the minor incidents that happened months ago inside drumpfh's events. Drumpfy's events now are peaceful and civil. These GD leftist animals are pushing all the wrong buttons, burning American flags, violently assaulting civilians wanting to exercise free speech is not cool.   BTW drumpfy has not instigated or condoned the level of a$$holishne$$ we saw in San Jose ever, that fuquing SJ mayor should be removed from office ASAP.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Calm down, dude. Listen, there's NOTHING NEW going on now that hasn't at some point in the past, okay...history repeats itself on every front. In terms of American flags being burned, hey, it may not seem right in LOTS of people's eyes. But, IT IS THEIR CIVIL RIGHT TO DO SO as well. Want the proof? Not a single person was arrested for either burning or waving either of the respected was only the assaults the police were interested in. Okay, since you won't go there in truth, I will. This deal is about Trump and his supporters vs. hispanics. Reflect back on Trump's message to them as of lately...especially with how he attacked the judge for being of MEXICAN HERITAGE which is why we're seeing Mexican flags being waved. It's not that they hate America, these hispanics HATE TRUMP AND HOW HE'S TRYING TO "REPRESENT" AMERICA.

Avatar LiLSpeedy -
LL, these repubs abandoned all their principals and integrity to vote for Trump. They are not even RINOS anymore. Trump made fools out of all of them. It takes someone from the outside to tell them the truth about Trump. Many are too embarrassed and shame to admit they have been trumpotized. This is so SAD.
Avatar jarasan -
I am calm, dude, and fuque you and your ilk on purporting to be truthful on anything. I am going to advise on some truth, your written statement:

"Reflect back on Trump's message to them as of lately...especially with how he attacked the judge for being of MEXICAN HERITAGE which is why we're seeing Mexican flags being waved. It's not that they hate America, these hispanics HATE TRUMP AND HOW HE'S TRYING TO "REPRESENT" AMERICA."

They are being told to HATE America, drumpfy, and whatever else they tell them, these idiots don't know the difference between a judge, a nun, or a plumber.   These f'ing stupid people, uneducated, untalented, not working, drug addled f'ups, that have no messages from any gringo, gringo.

Read above, those useful ignorant idiots, aren't informed on any recent reality/news/facts, they are following orders from the sh1t written in f'ing spanish on Facebook telling them what to do, for eg. telemundo is guilty of staging, these spanish outlets and leftists are manipulating the useful idiots.   These violent <snip> come from south and central american h3ll holes and they are being used by the left to agitate, don't be fooled by your leftist masters.........think.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
I don't listen to or take orders from uneducated people. They have sh1t for brains and is not on my level.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Yeah, Speedy, I get that and this ends my attempt to be more civil with such an adolescent individual. I'm certain that he and I are talking about two different groups of people and their respective mindsets but, oh well. I'm sure you and I both clearly see the disconnect here. Here's his Telemundo claim which is simply a journalist trying to stage a protest and read what's being said in the article by those he's trying to set up:

That deal was six days ago. After that, L. Brent Bozell called Telemundo on it and told them to apologize to Trump, fire that journalist and all involved in the staging incident. Speedy, this whole thing is about the racism being incited by Trump but, your boy is gonna advise me on some truth while ignoring Trump's assertion on the judge with MEXICAN HERITAGE. Notice how he spoke to the protest incident but, tip-toed quietly around what Trump did. He asserted that the judge is angry because, "I'm gonna build a wall!" In the following link, I see protesters BURNING A MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN RED CAP but, your boy here had not a word to say about that. I see people holding anti-racism signs and read where they were chanting anti-racism slogans but, not a word about this.

There was more focus on the bashing and brawling because that's what makes the news and generates the most hits. I don't doubt there were some bad actors there but, there were also lots of peaceful folks there that weren't covered at all.

The 'oxymoronism' in #13's first seven words is to die for. Just read his post very slowly and very carefully...

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