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Altruism Lottery


Last Edited: June 4, 2016, 6:29 am

SOLARIST Paneagle again had a very accurate list for win MEGA MILLIONS, NATURALLY. It was worth 280 Million. So perhaps players may come to respect the Altruism project and become listed in our share list through IM. This is free for you, for me, for all, to share as we will, but to be really true, wise and free, one must respect the Altruism idea of sharing. This is our motto: THE NUMBERS ARE HERE and LET US KNOW WHEN YOU WIN

So we start with ALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT (ALP)...THE REQUEST is to make contact with ALP group IN Paneagle IM message, and share your contact. When we win, we will share with those players listed who have played some of the Solaris Choice. It is a cooperative effort.


Because we do not wish to solicit, or become some controlled entity, this is provided freely, openly, and willingly, wisely as well. Lottery post would not support a specific sharing winner funding so we must do something general and altruistic, but real altruism also must be a free sharing with a sense of return. That is not a specific controlled return, but a generic open ended altruistic sharing with free will, naturally.

ARE YOU PLAYING TO COMPETE, OR PLAYING TO WIN, OR ARE YOU WINNING TO BE FREE? Do you see the difference? If you can see this, you will be much greater for it, because naturally, who wants to win just for themselves? Only the lonely, is one song to say. I do a lot of real and free things. i PLAY MUSIC WITH CHILDREN, for free, and share arts on radio and in public venues, and am president of SEE FOUNDATION non profit for free AS WELL. How about the solar-is AND Be Real NOW songs of paneaglesong which You can hear them on yu tube. There is a video on Solar-IS Lottery with a cuul song there too. It is all Real. 

PLEASE SEE STAR LOTTERY FORUM AND ALSO FLORIDA2015 FORUM for Solaris choices and Paneagle winners. 


Entry #92


Comment by paneagle - June 5, 2016, 9:37 am
AGAIN EXCELLENT Saturday > POWERBALL RESULT > 64 20 46 22 43 PB 17           NO JACKPOT WINNER        pair bond 46/17   SOLARIS SOL-UTION SET was right on result and to say this one more time, players could easily have won using this project > sumo 16 17 = 46 and 17 PB with 4 as 64 (close 23 was 22) Majis 20/20    17 and 13 = 43   (add subtract 30 rule to some choices) Solaris top row four wins with 22/53 16/17/17 42+ = 43   bottom row 20/20 left side 17/17 right side 47/47 35/35 slightly high = 64. Digit choices pyn 23401 all good, super 74 super 470 suns 472 rows 32546 all but 5 = composite digits 2347061 was the answer for all 12 digits in result

If it has no occurred to you how hard it is to pick the winners on one ticket, and how unfair it is to make this game 1 in 300 million to win, well here it is, a great list with the real winners all over it, and still no winners here. This is why we make these picks, and share them. We need to have an advantage. The field of play is uneven, in fact it's a tornado over a tiny wheat field. Our government and people, really, need to get Real.

BE A SEER! Paneagle is President of Seeocean organization The SEE Foundation the NU SEE OCEAN for being real. Real Freedom, Real Connection, Working with the Natural Environment, Natural-e. from Paneaglesong.
Elizabeth03Comment by Elizabeth03 - June 9, 2016, 11:50 am
Hello paneagle, my lottery in Nova Scotia, Canada. is the weekly lotto 649, which is every Wednesday and Saturday night. There is also the atlantic 49, which is the same day's. Also there is the daily keno draw, which, goes up to the number 70.

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