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"Saved by Foley


Last Edited: October 10, 2006, 3:24 pm

Skeletons are finally beginning to shake out of closets in both political parties except when one is found in the Republican party, it is drop kicked immediately along with a thorough housecleaning as a follow up. 

Dems seem to make light and defend their perverts, murderers and former KKK members, extolling their virtues and allowing them to continue to serve.  Want names, they're there.

For those who prefer short sentences with quick answers my blog is not the place for the Twinkie topping crowd who half reads something thinking they've grasped the entire meaning then fires back a half @$$ed reply.  That has gotten a few people blocked because I don't suffer stupidity well at all, much less having my words "interpreted" by someone who thinks they knew what I said or posted because they're accustomed to reading spun fluff.

Getting to the bottom of the Foley issue which should have been already addressed by anyone in a position to do something about it, there is a very large crumb trail leading back to Democrats who were on the run, scared spitless losing political ground big time. 

And no the door has never swung both ways when a exploiter is found among Dems but it's the end of the world when it's a Republican.

Two articles .... live embedded links for additional referenced, well substantiated reading.


" It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance." Dr. Thomas Sowell

Washington Prowler

"Saved by Foley
By The Prowler
Published 10/10/2006 12:08:15 AM
"One of the stories going around Democrat Party circles is that party operatives like Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and American Family Voices weren't quite ready for primetime with the opposition research materials they had gathered for the 2006 election cycle.

According to one political consultant with ties to the DNC and other party organizations, "I'm hearing the Foley story wasn't supposed to drop until about ten days out of the election. It was supposed the coup de grace, not the first shot."

So why the rush? According to another DNC operative: bad polling numbers across the country. "Bush's national security speeches were getting traction beyond the base, gas prices were dropping, economic outlook surveys were positive. We were seeing bad Democratic numbers in Missouri, Michigan, Washington, Arizona, Florida Pennsylvania, even parts of New York," says the operative. "A month before, we were looking at launching an offensive against Republicans who according to polling barely held a five-seat majority if the election were to be held at the end of August. That was doable for Democrats from September 1 to November 7. But by mid-September, Republicans were back to having held seats for a 15-seat majority. In the Senate, it looked like a wash. We held seats in Florida, Nebraska, picked up seats in Pennsylvania, but that that was about it. They were holding in Missouri and possibly within reach of Maryland and Washington. We were looking at a disaster in the making."

So how to remedy? "You pull out the bright shiny things that distract the average American voter away from the issues we all know they care about -- national security, anti-terrorism -- and focus on the ugly: Foley and Iraq."

"Republicans had to have known we'd be looking to change the national debate," says a House Democrat leadership aide. "You had our leadership looking at cratering polling numbers. A majority within grasp wasn't drifting away, it was being yanked back by Republicans. I wouldn't be surprised if Foley had to be bumped up on the scandal schedule. That makes a lot of sense given where we were two weeks ago, and where we are now."

Conventional wisdom had Republicans seeing improving numbers in races across the country throughout the month of September after Congress spent the month of August home campaigning in their districts. But some Republicans don't disagree that the polls were improving that dramatically. "I've seen some of the polls and I don't buy into the notion that we were making up tons of ground in a lot of these races," says one GOP political consultant. "Some of the underlying data led me to believe that the polling was somewhat flawed, and that this was a lot of spin to re-energize a base that was growing disenchanted."

What no one disputes, however, was that the GOP was sensing some wind at its back and reinvigorated base with Bush on the stump, and Congress quietly at home not creating any more messes for the media to hit on. Now, of course, the Foley story has left a far bigger mess a month out of Election Day than anyone had expected. "


"Democratic Foleygate Source Revealed


Update: Harpers Magazine was offered the story last year by a democratic operative!! (more below)

Just received this information this morning...

A democratic operative who knew about the Foley scandal designed to alter this year's midterm election was revealed to me this morning.

This much was revealed- "There is very strong speculation that Brian Smoot is one of the high ranking democrats who knew of the Foley scandal months before the news broke on September 29, 2006."

Erick at RedState actually wrote this about Brian Smoot back on October 3, 2006:

Let's follow this chain of events, which may be coincidental and may not be coincidental:

In August of 2004, Rodney Alexander's Chief of Staff, Brian Smoot, and five other staffers abruptly quit because Alexander switched to the GOP. National Journal reported on August 13, 2004, that the Chief of Staff "sharply criticized Alexander for switching parties." The Chief of Staff and five staffers were promptly hired by minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

In November 2005, Alexander is notified by a couple in his district that the couple's son had gotten emails from Mark Foley that were not really kosher.

In October of 2006, we find that Alexander's former Chief of Staff is now running the congressional campaign of Ron Klein in Florida's 22nd Congressional District against Republican Representative Clay Shaw -- a district that shares a major media market with Mark Foley's district.
Smoot has had this to say on his involvement with the scandal:

Smoot is currently working as campaign manager for Democrat Ron Klein's bid to unseat GOP Rep. Clay Shaw in Florida's 22nd District. Shaw's district neighbors Foley's former 16th District. . . . When contacted, Smoot said while there is no love lost between Alexander and himself, he never worked for Pelosi and he only learned about the Foley matter from media reports. "I would be the last person to have any idea of what is going on in Alexander's office," said Smoot. "I had no idea about e-mails or ideas about this page and am absolutely not involved in this situation whatsoever. I also never worked for Pelosi nor have I ever worked for the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] or Democratic Party."
More at RedState.

Smoot left Alexander's office the week after the representative switched parties from Democrat to Republican back in 2004. He signed on to work with Democrat Virginia Schrader's campaign the week after Alexander made his announcement.

It was revealed that Smoot has known about the Foley documents for quite some time.

The FBI is going to interview former page Jordan Edmund tomorrow concerning his knowledge about former congressman Mark Foley. Wild Bill at Passionate America first revealed Edmond as one of the former pages involved with the scandal.

The Strata Sphere has more on liberal smear campaign and the latest "outings" this morning.
(BTW- Did you notice that Rogers wrote his article at "PageOneQ" in the third person this morning?) "................

Entry #600


Rick GComment by Rick G - October 10, 2006, 6:57 pm

"Getting to the bottom of the Foley issue which should have been already addressed by anyone in a position to do something about it, there is a very large crumb trail leading back to Democrats who were on the run, scared spitless losing political ground big time."

I agree, this problem should have been taken care of years ago by Dennis Hastert and others. As far as I know the minority Democratic leadership was not apprised of this situation. To blame Democrats for Mark Foley's behavior makes as little sense as blaming Republicans for Bill Clinton's behavior. In both cases, it was the message not the messenger. The Republicans were just as vehement (and to this day still are) in their political attack on Bill Clinton over cigar-gate and dress stains...to the point of crippling the executive branch of government with impeachment proceedings.

Mark Foley does not deserve any more respect than Bill Clinton recieved. In my opinion he deserves a lot less because he has sponsored bills for abused children and yet for years he's been sitting there behind his computer asking male minors about their boxers.
konaneComment by konane - October 10, 2006, 7:16 pm
I did not say one word in defense of Foley, not a single one nor did I imply any defense of him in any manner whatsoever.

My post was directed at a hit job held off for political gain nothing else.

If a crime were being committed Democratic operatives should have come forward and brought it to the attention of someone in authority and documented just that which would have made far more sense. The FBI, Justice Department and State of Florida law enforcement will get to the bottom of it as to who knew what when.

If Democratic operatives knew about it then you can bet the farm that the Democratic minority hierarchy knew about it.   

The timing is a hit job pure and simple. I hope voters wake up to the fact that the majority of elected Democrats put partisanship and party ahead of everything else and have since LBJ forward.
Rick GComment by Rick G - October 10, 2006, 7:41 pm
I know you weren't defending Foley and made no assertions that you were. My question was and still is, why is it the Democratic party's fault for Mark Foley's behavior?

You seem to be blaming the Democratic party for the timing of the release of this information. Exactly WHEN was the Republican leadership going to release information of this illegal behavior after knowing about it for three years? After the election when it suited THEIR political purposes? That somehow makes them nobler?

The matter is the crime that was committed and proof thereof. The secondary issue is who knew of the crime and did not report it. That establishes accomplices to the crime. The first one to call 911 is not usually the guilty party.

If Mark Foley was caught under the same circumstances by the myriad of law enforcement agencies monitoring online emails and instant messages he would be under indictment and out on bail right now, not in rehab.

Let's put the blame where it belongs.
konaneComment by konane - October 10, 2006, 8:31 pm
No one said or even remotely implied it was the Democratic party's fault for Foley's behavior. No one.

Foley unlike Clinton was found out and was out within days.

He's gone, over and UNDER INVESTIGATION which is fact finding under applicable law statutes to see if a crime was committed.

When that is ascertained he will or will not be charged.

However am betting on some civil suits for the next few years regardless.

Not defending his behavior but a timeline seems to point toward his correspondences when the page was 19 ....... not 16 as reported in the news.

We'll see when the facts come out but that will take time.
emilygComment by emilyg - October 11, 2006, 12:30 am
19 you say? if i had a 19 year old son - i;'d be pissed as all hell if a dirty old pervert was making passes at him.
konaneComment by konane - October 11, 2006, 9:26 am
I suppose the family of the 17 year old male teen Democrat congressman Gerry Studds had a relationship with felt the same way, but per usual Dems gave him a hall pass and he continued to serve until the mid 90's when he retired.

The door does not swing both ways when it comes to Democratic conduct versus Republican conduct.

""In 1983, Democratic congressman Gerry Studds was found to have sexually propositioned House pages and actually buggered a 17-year-old male page whom he took on a trip to Portugal. The 46-year-old Studds indignantly attacked those who criticized him for what he called a “mutually voluntary, private relationship between adults.”"

emilygComment by emilyg - October 11, 2006, 1:14 pm
the door should swing both ways - bad behavior is bad no matter what party.
konaneComment by konane - October 11, 2006, 2:20 pm
Yes and perhaps this will generate a thorough house cleaning that we'll all benefit from.

In no way do I defend Foley, but take serious issue with a corrupt party playing gotcha because they're losing ground due to non-performance and no platform other than raising taxes, cut and run on terrorism.
emilygComment by emilyg - October 11, 2006, 2:51 pm

konane my friend - i have no doubt that republicans would have loved to smear, too. they certainly had a grand time with clinton.
konaneComment by konane - October 11, 2006, 3:18 pm
The Democratic party was caught red-handed taking campaign contributions from Chinese nationals and I believe fined for doing so.

Clinton took payola designed as campaign contributions from same above in exchange for signing executive waivers which moved top secret dual use and satellite technologies to the Commerce Department where they could be sold to China. All against the advice of the Pentagon, and that has put China light years ahead of where it was and it's still accelerating in technology thanks to that TREASONOUS debacle called an administration.

Monica was a smoke screen used to get Clinton in check through impeachment before he sold the rest of the US out to the highest bidder.

Oh, and she was 19 so who is the pervert?

All those issues aside I would love to see Clinton do a perp walk and be tried for treason as he should have been but the Republicans were way too kind and generous when they had the reins of power. But then again if they had drop kicked him to the curb Algore would have gotten to occupy his dream.

Yes, Clinton will be remembered for being a bold faced liar under oath and defining sex better than any compulsive lying sociopath ever could.

However, history is beginning to point its finger to someone who was impotent except to satisfy his own sexual depravity.

Clinton's rage over nothing against Chris Wallace bespoke volumes of guilt and the skeletons are beginning to topple out of his closet.   All thanks to the internet.

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