Fam of AR-15 Inventor Says Gun Wasn't to Be Used by Civilians


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Avatar Lucky Loser -
Not intended for and 'restricted sales to' are world's apart. The market wanted them (demand) so manufacturers (supplied) them. No problem 'cause the average collector has it as purely a conversation piece and shooting range candy for bragging. Cool. You'll totally destroy any animal with it so, no hunting. But, it's the weak minded, no esteem-having, no friends-having, easily manipulated, wanting to be accepted, SYMPATHIZERS that don't need 'em.

High impact, piercing, large-clipped, semi-automatic assault rifles are designed to take out or hurt as many targets as fast as possible...period. But, that's okay 'cause Trump is gonna move on exactly what the President said before...no fly, no buy. The NRA turned their noses up to the President on this but, "are happy to meet with Mr. Trump." I could easily take that to the next obvious level but, everybody on the 'net already knows the deal. Check mate.
Avatar Todd -
I'm afraid you don't understand AR-15 rounds Lucky Loser. AR-15s are not acceptable for hunting because the caliber is too small, not because it would "destroy any animal". The animal would survive too long after shooting it.

This is a common problem among liberals. They don't understand guns, and AR-15s look "scary" to them, so they must be evil.

Here's an article to enlighten you: http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/falsehoods-fly-over-the-ar-15/
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Hi, Todd, and thanks for the link. I actually do keep an eye on Laura Ingraham, for all intents and purposes, just as I do Hannity, Rush, Levin, Savage, Berry, and others on Sirius XM. So, it's no coincidence to me that you'd refer this particularly sourced article. It's all good, though, because this kinda stuff keeps me sharp and I relish it. Let's dissect your statements and when I reply, I'll even use the same type-sourced articles (Conservative) to drive my original points.

1) AR-15s are not acceptable for hunting

Answer: Mixed.


The third paragraph down contains the following excerpt:

-On hogs especially, consideration should be made to going for headshots, which will minimize damage to the meat and will result in a quick kill which the .223 round is more than capable of delivering.-

2) The animal would survive too long after shooting it.

(Same article.)

Answer: Mixed with bias.

-Some localities will not allow .223 for hunting purposes, the rationale being that the caliber is (in their opinion) too small to do the job, and will cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. Wherever such regulations exist, the AR is still capable of being an excellent hunting rifle primarily by purchasing an upper that is chambered in one of the many available up-sized calibers.
There are a slew of hard-hitting calibers that are available in the AR platform with the simple switch of an upper. These calibers use cartridges that are sized to an overall length which makes them fit inside a conventional .223 Remington magazine well, which is critical if you want to be able to use your .223 lower receiver, which obviously has a fixed magazine well size-

It can be tweaked to do whatever it need to do...just drop the coin on it.

3) They don't understand guns, and AR-15s look "scary" to them, so they must be evil.

Heavily opinionated, taken from your linked article, and untrue. I was nowhere near afraid of my M16 when I was enlisted and, though only a sharpshooter, I loved the smell of the gunpowder. Securing all my brass was something of an experiment to me because I'd compare the punctures made by that firing pin (or spool) to other pins. Not only that, Todd, but there are lots, and lots of AR-15 and larger totin' liberals. I spoke from a perspective of what I know the Army taught me in terms of taking out enemies, okay. The rifle is exclusively designed with large capacity mags which is EXPLICITLY FOR SUSTAINED ENGAGEMENT.


The U.S. Army defines assault rifles as "short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges."[18]

This is the weapon of choice, IF ACCESSIBLE, when idiots flip out from whatever they're poisoned with and decide they wanna hunt human beings, okay. Dylann Roof couldn't get and AR-15 but, wanted one real bad. Still, look at what he did with what he had on his person. The Republicans and NRA simply don't want to move on this because they feel it'll make them appear weak and that their base will lose faith in them. If you're in a restaurant (or elsewhere) with your wife, girlfriend, or significant other with 50 other people, I can guarantee that you'd prefer a shooter to have a pistol that holds 9 rounds than an AR-15's magazine which holds 30 or more. Numbers matter big time here.

In like kind, I hope this enlightens you as well and please don't ever think I actually hate you or anyone else here. I just have strong disagreements and opposition to the thought process. I said back in January that there would be lots of contentions here. Now, just for you:


That's the 'assault weapon' I want.

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