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Mega Millions Solarist Works



SOLUTION SET  DIGITS  first SUN 5 PYN 9 SG 6 ALL 5    Seconds 1 1 1   THIRDS 3 1 4 6      DIGIT GROUPS   SECOND _9 _6 _1 _3   FIRST  1 _  5 _  4_                      SUMO MAJ CUP  11/12 49(17-19)  21/51/22  5  8/9     SOLARIS TOP LINE  48/49/48  10/8  12   23  4/35 7/8   25/55/56   = 49 10 and ROUND 13 6

solaris left  20 right 51 49 bottom 6 49 top 49 10 middle 6 51 49 = five winners     best line 4 7 20 44(14) 6 43 49 within one = 6 20 51 13 49 five winners

THE NUMBERS ARE HERE. TO WIN players must adjust the list with round by 30 or 1 to some choices.

FOR EXAMPLE here numbers 21 and 50 came from 51 and 21/22 where the choice was rounded down by 1 or changed by 30. 12 was rounded up to 13. 9 up to 10.

SOLARIST is one of a kind. Seeing as this HERE was so clearly demonstrated, and no one is reporting winning, it appears few players are watching, and fewer still playing. This must be because players are doing there own thing, which puts them back in the poor chances category like all the other 300 million who have lost, or players are not looking at Solaris and seeing what's there. I am included in this group, but stand out only because I am providing the winner choice. 

There was a guy this week on TV show to tell the truth....who says he has won 8 times. The secret is he plays a lot of tickets all at once, like scratch offs, and he makes sure he buys enough to get the win, that is the group row, so he buys the costlier $20 tickets and buys 5 or 10 of them at a time. This ensures a winning ticket has been bought, which is better than buying not enough, because those who buy enough will place a winner among the 5 tickets, and if its a winner, it could be the jackpot winner, which is what he won so many times. Then he sells this information to others. The Solarist is providing these lists freely. 

IF YOU PLAY FROM THE LIST, YOU WILL HAVE MORE WINNERS. if you play 5 tickets of the good choices, at least 1 will be a winner ticket and could be the big win.  LET US KNOW WHEN YOU WIN~give CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE. The numbers are here.

The Solarist is the Altruist, playing for winners. Are you with us, then you will share with us. Be a true Altruistic friend of the Solarist today. Then we can share the real wealth and make everyone rich, and free, not just with money, but with the entire planet of people, who build a world which is not based on wealth, but is based on being a sun in the real natural environment. This is being REAL.  Now do you Get it?   from paneagle....in the nu-u and seeocean.

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