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Windows XP Operating System and Old Computers.


I am still using Windows XP and it still works just fine.

It does because I use Firefox and other browsers based on Firefox that still work with Windows XP.

Some software companies and people are just now beginning to make software that doesn't work on Windows XP, but thru the years I have downloaded dozens of freeware programs and the best freeware programs that I could find, so now I have quite a lot of them and for the most part I don't need any more software of any-kind other than maybe Internet browsers and new and better lottery programs.

Take my firewall for example that I use with Windows XP, it is a very antique firewall, I have tried a great very many newer firewalls that also work and or worked with Windows XP, but none of them were even half as good as the very old and antique firewall that I found when I used Windows 98SE and that it also works on Windows XP and that I am still using, I wanted to update to a newer firewall, but this super old firewall is still the very best of them all that I have ever found, at least for myself and for Windows XP.

Newer is not always better.

I know and knew that Microsoft likes to change operating systems as much as babies need diapers changes, that is why I collected just about every best freeware program that I could find that I would ever need while I could, before there wasn't any freeware left for Windows XP as that time would one day come.

What I should have done also was to collect more lottery programs, but I didn't collect as many of them as I should have.


People think that they should change operating systems every-time that Microsoft comes out with a new operating system.

I have only used:

Commodore 64

Windows 98SE

Windows XP

I used Windows 98SE for a very long long time, when people were using Windows XP I was still using Windows 98SE, it was such a good operating system.

And now I have used Windows XP for a long time also and people are now using Windows 10.

Windows 98SE had some limitations.

Windows XP has fewer limitations than Windows 98SE.

Security problems? Windows XP SP3 doesn't have much trouble with security.

It is mostly knowing how to use your operating system and Internet browser.

Of course, Microsoft and those who make and sell hardware and software want people to always update to newer computers and operating systems and the government does also, they need and or want a steady flow of money not going out but in towards them.

The government because they want to control and know.

This post is being made on or by a WinXP computer that I bought used thru the Internet time ago.

Even now it is as good or almost as good as when it was brand new who knows how many years ago, as it was already very old when I bought it and it works just fine.

It is not so much the computer and the operating system used, but in what condition they were when you got them and how you have been using them.

I use this computer from about 5 to 7 days each week and have been doing so for years.

Probably the only reason that I would need a new computer would be if there was a software program that I really needed to have that would not work on Windows XP and that time has not come yet.

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ThinkComment by Think - June 27, 2016, 9:44 pm
I am currently looking for a non Microsoft OS to replace my Windows 7 as Microsoft has stopped updating Windows 7. I have a Windows 8 PC too and Win 8 is an annoying POS and when that stops updating I'm switching that over to an alternative OS too.

I have used MS operating systems since DOS 2 and every time they come out with a new or updated OS they lie and tell you it has less bugs and is more secure. HA! If you were paying attention to the news you would have seen that last year they patched a security flaw that was in every version of Windows since Win 95! It took em 20 years to fix it! How many more of those gaping holes are still left that they did not find??

Not to mention that Win 8 is an annoying POS and it assumes you want to do things that you don't want to do! They unnecessarily made some things automatic and tried to be mind readers which makes Win 8 Clunky and annoying junk.

There really wasn't anything wrong with Win XP except that Microsoft didn't want to update it any more!

BTW Mon...you do have the latest version of windows you have Windows 10 P!
It's just that they use the roman numeral for 'X' instead of '10' so you are most certainly up to date

BBTW is www.oldversion.com still on? I haven't checked that in forever.
MonElComment by MonEl - June 28, 2016, 1:06 am
Is still alive there.
















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