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All Those 3+ Million Signatures After Brexit Urging A Revote Called Fake


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Comment by Lucky Loser - June 26, 2016, 10:43 pm
If a person adds all the figures in this article, it's nowhere near 3 million anyway. However, to discount that a very reasonable amount of people came to their senses after seeing their country crumbling is absurd. Imagine waken in up to a seriously dented 401K, a currency that requires nearly twice what it did before to purchase a loaf of bread and anything else.

Just like I said in another entry, talk of secession in the U.S. would arise and guess what??


TEXIT....while Britain is all about #BREGRET now. Basically, what the #TEXIT folks are saying is they want us to lose money and they want the dollar to substantially fall in value. Then, basically turn back the clock to a time that no longer has a bearing on anything and is non-existent.

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