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Mega Millions 400 Million Win Share


Last Edited: June 28, 2016, 10:26 am

SOLARIST KNOW THE IS. As the IS is ALL, and we are ALL IS, there is a certainty it is in the degrees (numbers) in the SOLAR-IS OF THE SUN (THE SOL)

Paneagle has posted the winner numbers in the Solaris List for Mega Millions winners tonight. This is a three to thirty year effort in research which has become the real Solar-IS model of the Real Solar Astrology Clock, which is validated by the lottery draw numbers that match to the Positions. 

Tonight may be the night you win. Do you need some great choices. This SOLARIS list is sure to provide them every time. Take a close look, follow the SOLARIS GRID and read on how to how to choose, using the best red purple or bold and list choices provided by columns rows or lines and in groups. This is as close as anyone can come to the exact choice respectfully. Now its time for your intuition to find the winners, for all you need is focus. 

This is an Altruistic Win Effort for players each big drawing night on STAR LOTTERY forum on LOTTERY POST. The odds are 1 in 300 Million, so you will need some help.  Here is the short list for MEGA 6/28. Recommended you go to the STARLOTTERY for the SOLARIS GRID AND MATCH UP. 

mega 6/28/16  sumo 12/13 51 and 7 16 29 25 34/35   majis 30 13 53 38 and 1 9 23 20 

cup 0 16 20 24 27   cu 14 6/7 24/23 27/56      thrdall 30 11 23/24 and 14   

match DIGITS :  SUNs 5 3 168  pyn 8 9 27    sgns 4 7 9 1 and 5 (11)  ALL 3 64 17   


Entry #95


Comment by paneagle - July 1, 2016, 2:35 pm
THIS MEGA LIST WAS AMAZING..and no comments means few are watching...take a look at results and you will see how they line up so you can pick the 400 Million coming up..best Paneagle

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