More Calls For Cop Killings On Social Media


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Avatar sully16 -
Track down and arrest every single person inciting violence.
Avatar PlanB -
"Arrest" is not harsh enough.
Avatar Drenick1 -
BLM endorses this kind of behavior and Obama supports BLM. He even finds time to invite BLM group leaders to the WH for strategy meetings.
Avatar lakerben -
Now Obama is at fault? What are you people smoking?
Avatar Drenick1 -
Sorry, we don't smoke and don't endorse what you inhale. You need to put the pipe down as your brain needs to clear itself.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Be careful when you start pointing fingers. Remember three fingers are pointing at YOU.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
@lakerben and Speedy:

We have to work with Drenick1, okay. She's right there with Joe Walsh like Palin is with Trump. In all honesty, though, Obama DOES endorse peaceful protests just like this one was until that AR-15ish rifle started singing. BLM people aren't protesting ALL COPS, just the bad one's that intentionally murder citizens and are racist from the get go. When the shots started, the BLM crowd told cops where the shots came from to assist them! Oh, but the BLM folks are against those same people who are present to protect them. These Republicans just go round and round and round. Dan Patrick is the laughing stock due what I just stated. Read very carefully:

-He added that, despite the "peaceful" nature of last night's protests, he blames previous Black Lives Matter events for the incident.

He also blames protesters at the event critical of law enforcement for expecting protection from them when shots were fired.-

He blames 'previous' events for last night's shooting of officers, it had nothing to do with two black men being assassinated in non-threatening being a licensed open-carrier. Where's the NRA on the licensed carrier and on the AR-15 which took out five officers? People, this RACE WAR!! Trust me.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
I don't pay Drenick1 any attention what so ever. She's young and inexperienced and talks a lot of gibberish. She hasn't been in this world long enough to lecture me about anything.

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