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Ca-MM-Oh-Ok StatPath 5 Results, (MM) Fri, 10/13/06



The intended criteria in wagering bets utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers (does not) include pea picking numbers from both groups of (upper tier/lower tier numbers) and mixing them together for wheeling purposes! Why generate a tracking system, and then defeat it's entire purpose? The idea is to track the lottery pools progress, and then capitalize on it when the alerts are favorable. This means it is likely that a majority, or, all of the drawn numbers, will appear together the very next drawing in one tier group or the other. If you are not comfortable in deciding which tier group the drawn numbers will appear in next, then wheel BOTH tier groups utilizing a 4 if 5 of 28 wheel for each tier group. This can be accomplished economically by using this process:

Decide where the total sum is likely to migrate to utilizing the sum range chart. Wheel the 28 numbers. Filter the numbers utilizing a reduced sum range. Further reduction is possible following the sum reduction by filtering out numbers utilizing high/low range filtering, ( 2 low - 3 high or 3 low - 2 high). The amount of filtering is based on affordability. Here is the reality - if all or a majority of the drawn numbers appear in the tier group of numbers you choose to wheel, and if the total sum of these numbers fall within the range you choose for filtering, and finally, if the drawn numbers appear within the high/low range filtering you choose, then you can economically expect to win some very good lower tier prizes, and maybe even a jackpot!

The lottery pool remained in dormant phase emerging in-C mode on Friday, 10/13/06. This phase and mode is unfavorable for wagering of bets on Tuesday, 10/17/06 utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers. The total sum migrated upwards from 162 to 190, and the average sum adjusted from 141.8 to 142.1


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