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Winning... and winning big!


To all at the LP Followers! ;)

You know I haven't been here very long and I have read alot of stories on everybody's method out there with either his or her way of winning the P3 to the Powerball/Mega millions!

Well (I believe) here is something that we all have overlooked and probably took for granted and is the simplest way to get your lucky numbers!

Yes! I know that all of your/our hard effort ways are good, but sometimes we think toooo hard and we have over look the simplest way to get the number(s) that we are looking for in the beginning..... I know that this sounds a bit too psychological-whatmachaclallit type of story bit if you think about it  -  -  "Are we trying a bit too hard!"

Hey! I think that lady luck is saying to us all....."Why are you trying so hard........ let us make it a bit simple and just play til it comes out....... I think that the Lottery and it's game and numbers have a rule!

And the rule is that "You cannot catch me and my numbers, but you can see it coming! And for those who will play this game....... I will grant a wish for those who will keep up! Maybe once.....maybe twice... it depends on whats on ice. Boy I just love this phrase......

Well I hope that this helps you out and if you want please feel free to email me......

 Eddie...... please write me on this...... the challenge is right in front of us all!

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