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Last Edited: October 16, 2006, 11:36 am

Lately everything seems to be going wrong. I'm waiting for a jet engine to fall out of the sky and land in my bed (if you saw the movie, you understand)  If I add up all the dental work I'm told I need just to eat normally or the car repairs to drive safely, I'm looking at over $10,000. 

Today I decided to finally get front brakes since the dealer has been telling me for over a year that I need them. I used to use a local mechanic all the time before I bought my 2001 Hyundai, so I went to him at 8:30am for an oil change and said to do the brake work required. More charges on my Visa! Last year he told me my brakes were fine after 3 different places told me they were bad - Midas, Meineke and the Hyundai service advisor. He quoted me approximately $150 which would include machining the rotors.

After the oil change, he showed me my brake pads and said they still had about 20% left and I didn't need to spend the money now. John, the shop owner, asked if my car is still under warranty and told me to see if Hyundai would replace the axle first. I was just at the dealership a few weeks ago for a battery and an alternator (another long story...turned out it wasn't the battery since the car died 2 days later, but it was too late and I was out $140)  They never told me I needed the front axle, but they did say my brake pads were dangerously thin. To me this means they never really took the wheels off and checked the brake pads. I have 2 days left on my warranty. So find an honest mechanic and have your car checked thoroughly if you have a warranty before it expires. 

Many people love their Hyundai Sonatas. Maybe I got a lemon. My power windows have all needed new cables. Twice I had to drive in the rain with my windows stuck down. My power doors have all needed new (actuators?) but at least I could get in with the key. The back doors had to be opened by reaching from the front. The clearcoat has completely peeled off my bumper and the doors. The window tint bubbled and peeled off. The radio speakers are shot and I never turn up the volume. The car looks like an old piece of junk. I was told I need a timing belt that costs $499 and a tune up. I don't know if I should believe anyone at the dealership any more. I hope they fix the axle. I know the first thing I'm buying when I finally hit my numbers.

Anyway, thank goodness for honest people. I know I'm giving John all of my future business. I shop around for a "deal" but maybe that's not the most important thing after you find someone you can trust.

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Rick GComment by Rick G - October 16, 2006, 1:16 pm

Nancy, it sounds like you found a good mechanic. Hang on to him and give him ALL of your business. As you said, you might save a few bucks going elsewhere for certain things but in the long run you will make out because he's not going to rip you off on the major things. A loyal customer is just as important to him as an honest mechanic is to you.

It sounds like your car is in as bad a shape as my '89 Bonneville was. Five year old cars aren't supposed to have those kind of problems.

Good luck with it.
justxploringComment by justxploring - October 16, 2006, 4:01 pm
Thanks, Rick. Fortunately I got through to the service department at the dealership after numerous tries. I guess I should be fair to the service advisors. Maybe it's just a lousy car and/or the mechanics aren't paying attention. I aways thought they check a car for major defects when it's being serviced. It's easy to blame whoever is available. I used to get yelled at when a furniture delivery was delayed, as if I could go to China and assemble it. One small repair, a door lock, took 4 visits (no kidding) because they kept receiving the wrong part. I'll never know if it was the factory's fault as they claim or someone just couldn't get a stupid little part number right. One of the service advisors told me to come down today so he could get an order printed. He said the factory is very rigid on warranties, so at least the front axle is covered (yay!!) and at the same time, they'll get someone to fix my power locks (again) I am starting an important certification class next Monday, which is probably why I wrote this. I shouldn't get online when I'm so stressed, although it's a good way to vent. I also need root canal work and my dentist is out of town. I am going nuts thinking I'm going to lose a very good opportunity before I even start. Oh, I'm glad I'm writing this because I just remembered to call them about my windshield wipers. They already replaced the motor, but they still stop in the middle of the windshield and I can't get them to go down all the way. I swear on my life, this is not a joke.

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