Maher tears into Cornel West for refusing to support Clinton


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Avatar JAP69 -
You mean Maher did not call him an Uncle Tom?
Avatar CARBOB -
Democrats believe no one should think for their self.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
I heard another interview of Jill Stein on Sirius XM and there were some very valid points made regarding her and the Green Party which will host a convention here in Houston next week.

-Every four years since 1996, the Green Party nominates its presidential and vice-presidential candidates at its quadrennial Presidential Nominating Convention. In 2016 the Green Party of the United States convention will be in Houston, Texas, August 4-7, with the nomination taking place on Saturday, August 6.-

I'm in on it 'cause I want to understand their platform and contrast from that of the Democrats. Cornel's idea of needing such an alternative is valid but, in terms of the timing and seriousness of the most profound election of all time, it's counter productive at this point. I really like Jill's positions on most things but, she's gonna need a lot more traction which is why she's working with Bernie now. So many of the GP's ideas mesh into the Democrats' which mean we pretty much think alike, and, she's all over climate change just like Bernie is. Oh, and by the way, so is Professor Cornel West who thinks like both Jill and Bernie and Hillary. West calls inaction on climate the 'Planetary Selma.'

No matter which way you look, HERE WE ARE IN CONTROL.

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