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Solaris Generates Powerball Win


SOLARIS is our one of a kind SOLAR TIMING SYSTEM which produces winners in Lottery drawings. We issue predictions on the Star Lottery Forum on Lottery POST every day, and for the major lottery drawings, as well, and in Florida2015 Forum for the Florida players.

Players should realize it matters not if you win 1 or 40 or 460 million, because this is really enough money for most anyone to win in the Lottery prize, no matter if it the basic prize amount or the generated huge jackpot which attracts so many players. Any smart player knows winning any pick 6 lottery game is a substantial win payment, so the goal is to win one lottery. 

POWERBALL WINNER JACKPOT was paid for 468 Million to one player in New Hampshire. The win numbers for Saturday result 23 32 17 11 21 Powerball 5. 

Here is our proof the Solaris list Works and players could generate winning tickets from THE SOLARIS LIST we provided.  THE NUMBERS ARE HERE!

Digits 5 3, 0 1 2 7, 5, 0 1 1 2 2 7 (all front or first digits in DIGIT lists provided (suns 5 39  pyn 0 12 7-9   super 5   slide 0 11 22 7 88 999)                                      Second line group listed was  ALL 30+- 8 10 14+ 23- 55    sumo 3 11 18 28 and 5 16+ 19 21+- 25     cup 1421- 26 and 30 6 9 18 23 29                               MOD 8 25/26 4 53 (win as 23) 36 11 28 30 32 13    BEST 8 20/50 27 11 3 25/55 53+ 45 29+  THE SOLARIS GRID top and bottom lines produced all win choices. 

This was an easy drawing because all the numbers are low, and players playing birthdates randomly can more easily win. But we are providing is a much more dynamic chance to win the lottery than by birthdates or random choice.  Our lists does provide winner choices on any drawing night. This SOLARIS WORKS because the actual drawing is like a moment of birth, using the numbers of the exact time of the lottery drawing from the Solaris (solar clock) degrees. What makes this system work is its unique combination of the numbers which has been research for 3 years, and provided freely to players around the world. No one else knows exactly or accurately how the lists is generated, because the SOLARIS model is unique and one of kind, actually working with a much larger observation of what the world and our universe is, and actually greater to the real universes, which most people are not presented with. Good players will be open minded and use their own intuition, combined with the apparent potential or visible choice provided. No one works in a vacuum, and so it is we combine the IN-TU-IT-I-ON with the real awareness to realize not only what lottery or game choices we make, but also we can use this in our real life, making better choices. 


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