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A Strategy for Pick 3 Straights


Here's a way to play your combos to try and nail the straight.

Let's say your pick is 1-2-3.

Consider the three pairs, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3.

First, find which of these pairs came in most recently.  Play it in the opposite order it came in.  Then look to see if the remaining digit came in before or after that pair.  If it came in before, it will be the first digit of the combination.  If it came in after, it will be the last digit of the combination.

Example, last three draws:


The 1-3 pair is the most recent of the three pairs.  The sequence was 1-3 so you will play it as 3-1 today.  The remaining digit 2, came in after the pair so it will be the third digit of the combination.  The straight choice would be 3-1-2.

This is based on personal observation that a majority (60+ %) of the time a pair will appear in reverse order next time.

Hope this helps someone and....g-o-o-o-d luck! 

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Ms. PatComment by Ms. Pat - October 17, 2006, 11:57 pm
Interesting concept Rick G
Ms. pat

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