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for PB 10/21


Last Edited: October 19, 2006, 6:45 pm

Stats say avoid a 00 group, not so sure about a 20's group.

It's time for a dual-group game, and if that is the case, it DOES open up 00's and 20's,
But we also may get a triple (3 from one group), we are due for one of the two.

I may play 10's and 30's, not sure yet, but man, a 50 hasn't hit in forever........

Then again, I may play a 50's and a 10 or 20 ????????????????????


Split ? I'm thinking 2/3 or 1/4 (pending on the group I select).


Longshot ?   Oh god, please not yet another one........ I'm not playing anything over the 21 slot.


IF you follow my advice on what groups to AVOID - backtesting proves my stats right 73% of the time.

IF you pay attention to that, you need to PM me, I may stop posting blogs if nobody shows an interest, so DO throw a comment in. 

Entry #15


guesserComment by guesser - October 22, 2006, 12:39 am
Well, we had NO group tonight.

Aside from that, it was a 1/4 split, and a 50 actually hit (#55), as I kinda predicted.
And I didn't play anything over slot 21. #9 hit - from slot 22.   Oh well, you can't play everything.

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