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Lauer Presses Trump On His Claim He Knows More About Isis Than U. S. Generals


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Comment by Lucky Loser - September 8, 2016, 1:25 pm
Yep, all that dumbazz talk about knowing more than them but, he never mentioned at that time his idea of 'asking them for a plan'...not once. He said he knew more than them and would fix the problem with his 'SECRET PLAN'...his own dumbazz words. Now, though, he's gonna ask the same people which he knows more than about ISIS than, what they think should be done??? Oh, and Lauer actually made him lie which the veterans clearly caught when looking at their faces. Trump first said he has a plan, then he said 'WHEN' he has a plan... and the camera man immediately focused on Lauer's face then the audience of veterans. There were a few heads shaking and some 'that's BS' looks.

Oh, but, the whole idea of just 'taking their oil' was the biggest flop of his 'Freshman' interview in the forum 'cause even a first year law student knows knows that you can't just go and take their oil. I love Trump supporters, and, I love the poorly educated.

Cough, cough.

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