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NC draw #1 Str8 off new 999 strategy...a fluke?


Last Edited: September 16, 2016, 1:21 pm

I guess when you are focusing on numbers, anything can happen.

This week I've been focusing on putting together the 2017 monthly lottery predictions books for Pick 3 and Pick 4. And even though I am effectively not in the game, this is the one event that I do annually to make a contribution to the game. This year I upgraded the formula to produce more straight all-state hits so the project is coming along nicely.

Then two days ago I observed something after a NC drawing, and it was clear where the straight hit had come from. So me being me, I did some backtesting to see if there was anything to the theory, and low and behold got six straight hits and four box hits from targeting 7 consecutive evening drawings. The rules were simple, see if you can get a hit within the week from the strategy, and six out of seven times, there was a hit, and most of them straight.

SBIP$999 North Carolina Pick 3 Evening Straight + 6-Way Box 7-9-5 7-9-5 $290

I was surprised, but maybe NC is just in a cycle right now. At any rate, I need to backtest other states to see if the strategy holds true for other non-computerized drawings, but still I have these books to publish.

So... even though I don't like to strategize around combinations with 9s in them--without more extensive backtesting-- here is what I'm calling the "929 System" off the 795 that fell last night:

Last Draw was: 795



Broad Stroke: 6X1 and 5X6

Caution: If your other workouts lead to any of these combinations, feel free to use, otherwise just watch. Still in beta testing.

Entry #683


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