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Understanding and Overcoming the statistical odds


"those who don't understand the odds, wont beat them."
Gail Howard

there are 10 sets with 1 combination each of triples.
there are 10 sets with 9 combinations each of doubles.
there are 120 sets with 6 combinations each of singles.

10 sets multiplied by 1 combination each (10x1) =  10 total combinations of triples.
10 sets multiplied by 9 variants (10x9) = 90 total sets of doubles.
90 sets multiplied by 3 combinations each (90x3) = 270 total combinations of doubles.
120 sets multiplied by 6 combinations each (120x6) = 720 total combinations of singles

if we add the total number of singles, doubles and triples then we should come up with
a total of every possible combination in the game.

10+270+720=1000 possible combinations.

on a single bet our odds of winning at pic 3 straight box (having the numbers
match up in exact order) would be 1:1000!

Luckly for us there are other options we can explore and strageties
that can be applied to lower the effects of these odds.

one thing I have learned playing the lottery for over 15 years,
odds don't change. you face the same odds everytime you play no matter
how many tickets you buy, no matter how many draws you enter. however
it is my believe that the effects of these odds do change.

think of a 2 1/2 ton truck that weighs 4,500 pounds.
obviously unless your Superman or have stolen him from Louis Lane
your probably not going to be able to lift the vehicle at a single
bound, manually suspend it in mid air, while changing the oil.
the weight of the truck and the force of gravity makes this method

So how do we change the oil? we take it to the local garage with a hydraulic
lift that is capable of producing enough force to overcome the effect of gravity
on our heavily built truck. this allows access to the oil drain and oil filter allowing
the maintainence to be preformed.

If we do not have the funds to take it to a garage, or we do not have access
to a lift. what can we do?
we can simply purchase the oil and filters, get the tools from our personal toolbox
circumvent the trucks weight and planets gravitational forces by crawling under the vehicle.
this also alows access to the oil drain and oil filter allowing for the maintainence to
be preformed.

In both cases the same gravitational force and vehicle weight
had to be dealt with. in both cases the goal of changing the oil
was achieved.

the humanly impossible task of lifting 4,500 lbs, suspending
the truck in mid air while changing the oil was accomplished
by the use of a capable tool.

in the second case scenario, the same impossible task was
preformed by a clever alternative method.

not, in either case was the force of gravity changed
nor the weight of the vehicle altered.

so it is with odds.

I had a friend tell me once, that a person stands a better chance
to be struck by lightning twice than to win the lottery.
It just doesn't happen, he said to me.
I told him to go stand on top of the empire state building
during a thunderstorm while holding a metal rod skyward.

I believe there are things we can do to circumvent/overcome
odds in any given situation.

thats where strageties like boxing wheeling, flipping, flopping,
mirroring, rundowns, workouts, trend and pattern searching all
play an important role in helping us beat the ridiculous odds
and achieve our main goal. that is to cash in a winning ticket!

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