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Separation of Church and State


You know what makes me sick to my stomach?  To hear a politician in a political discussion invoke the words "Jesus Christ", "My Lord", "Family Values", Christian Values", "Faith-based", "Contract with America", etc., ad nauseam.

These politcians have proven time and again that their morals, values and "religion" is no better than yours or mine.

It is simple pandering to get votes.  It is shameful and rather than promoting these values it is demoting them because not a single one of them are free from sin and therefore they are not the self-appointed standard bearers that they think they are.  Their loud proclamations and hypocrisies are as meaningul as the writing on a stall wall at a Greyhound bus station.  Those who shout the loudest are usually those who practice it the least.

There are many verses in the Bible from a true master of the subject that support this view.

If anyone thinks this is directed solely at the Republican Christian Right politicians, they are wrong.  This blog was inspired by a Democrat running for the US Senate from the state of TN.  Ford is his name.  I just listened to an interview with him and he couldn't squeeze his Christian morals into the conversation enough times.  I guess there are no Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or atheists  living in TN.

Religion belongs in the churches, our hearts and our lives.  It does not belong in our government.  A moral person can have a positive effect on our government.  That does not necessarily apply to a "religious" person.  We have seen where these so called religious "values" can lead countries.  (Iran for example, where there is no separation of church and state).  'Thou shall not kill' is one of the most revered Commandments of the Christian religion and yet it is one of the least observed by that same group.

The hypocrisy will catch up to us when the scales are weighed.


(This is an interesting refresher course of all that is encompassed by the First Amendment to our Constitution.)

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konaneComment by konane - October 24, 2006, 11:53 pm
Don't believe a religious affiliation is a prerequisite for holding a specific political ideology. Big turnoff for me too, but I make every effort to see past the public persona into the real person.

And you are so correct that moral and religious aren't always synonymous, but feel somewhere in the future we'll all be capable of seeing beyond what's projected for public consumption. ;-)

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