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"Michael J Fox's Stem Cell Ads


Enjoy learning legal points providing clarity as opposed to partisan BS designed to inflame.  Emphasis added, mine. 

BTW, I also concur that any stem cell research should be in the private sector not subsidized by government funds.  Remember the Nazis and their drive for a perfect human race?  Better to keep it in the private sector away from politicians.



"In an attempt to elect more Democrats, Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox is recording campaign commercials for Democrats.  The most-talked about one is in Missouri [watch it], where Republican Senator Jim Talent is running for re-election against Democrat Claire McCaskill.  The polls currently show it's a dead heat, with maybe Talent up by a few points...but still under 50 percent.  This is going to be a close one.

Enter Michael J. Fox.

Hollywood celebrities recording campaign commercials endorsing one candidate or another are nothing new.  It happens all the time.  But in this case Fox, the popular actor currently suffering from the effects of Parkinson's disease, has produced ads that are deceptive.  The issue is federal funding embryonic stem cell research....and Michael J. Fox is the new stooge in the Democratic Party's campaign of deception.

Like a lot of Republicans, Talent is opposed to federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.  Aided by the mainstream media, Democrats have been advancing the lie for several years now that if you're opposed to the federal funding of something...then that means you want to ban it.  Not so...in fact, what administration has provided more federal funding for stem cell research than another other?  Your answer:  the current Bush Administration.

I admire Michael J. Fox.  I admire his courage in facing this horrible disease.  I, too, want to see more research in this area.  I admit to having a problem with the taxpayers funding that research.  Is it a proper function of government?  Or of private research institutions?  My big problem here is that perhaps these ads are convincing voters that the Bush Administration and the Republicans are somehow working for a total ban.  That's just not so.

If there is so much promise and so many cures to be had from embryonic stem cell research, then there is absolutely nothing stopping private companies from pursuing it.  Embryonic stem cell research is not illegal...never has been.  It just the Democrats exploit people like Michael J. Fox to attack candidates opposed to federal funding.  But don't believe the hype....embryonic stem cell research is not now, nor has it ever been, illegal." 


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ToddComment by Todd - October 25, 2006, 10:04 pm
I heard a tape today of Michael Fox talking about how he purposely did not take his drug regimen during his testimony at a Senate hearing, so that he could overly-dramatize the effects of the disease. (Those are his words, not mine.) I actually think that can be a good idea, because it can demonstrate the urgent need to develop cures and treatments.

However, demonstrating that to a Senate hearing, and doing it for a shameless campaign commercial two weeks before an election are two completely different things.

The worst part are the despicable Democrats who are attacking anyone who voices concern about the ad, which contains distortions. This is a typical Democrat prank, and something that Ann Coulter has documented in her book, "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)".

The classic cowardly liberal attack tool is to hide behind a victim. They give the victim (of anything, like a war wound, grieving mother, disease victim, dying person, etc.) all the talking points and tell them to tell the story. Then, as soon as someone points out the obvious holes in their logic (all liberal arguments are the antithesis of logic), the person making the argument is vilified as a horrible person for daring to attack a victim. HOW DARE THEY! attack that poor victim, we should be sympathetic and understanding of their plight.

There is tremendous cowardice to someone who would hide behind a victim. They are essentially saying that not only is their argument merit-less on the surface, they will use an unwitting human shield to attack anyone with the audacity to speak up against their ideas and their messenger.

Michael Fox inserted himself into the middle of a hotly contested election, and he deserves exactly the same kind of criticism and examination of character that ANY political hack would receive.

I have tremendous sympathy for anyone with such a horrible disease, and I pray to God that I and my loved ones would be spared such a fate. I put my money where my mouth is; I contribute to good causes to help people like Michael Fox, and politically I support the most advanced research programs that do not cross obvious ethical boundaries.

That being said, Michael Fox is a political activist, and his actions, and those sponsoring his attacks and distortions, should be weighed heavily by the people voting in the states running his ads.
konaneComment by konane - October 25, 2006, 10:57 pm
I like Michael J Fox just fine and very sympathetic to his disease, but as a political activist he and those around him have to roll with the punches as the brawl continues. Period.

Typical Democratic strategies ... different person, similar scenario just like a rerun where you know the plot and words. It's an insult to people's intelligence to manipulate emotions into a frenzy in place of presenting FACTS for people to sort through for a correct answer. Dems must truly consider their constituents dumb as dirt to have continued repeating that strategy.   

I support stem cell research but feel it should be privately funded. Perhaps a pharmaceutical company could take some of its immense war chest and found a company to do just that. If there's promise then there's money to be made lives to be saved. Win/win for everyone.

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