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How Solaris Works Really


The Numbers are here. Let us know when you win!  Our solaris for the mega millions was perfect. 

The result tuesday 18 29 30 54 66 and mega ball 1. This was a perfect example of the SOLARIS in reality. IS # was 48 (48 -30 = 18),  The 0 # was 18. The L # was 30. The solar SO was 30. The Solar six was 29. The solar OL was 36 = 66. The solar DC was 54 and the DCK 91 = 01 (subtract 30/60 or 90) to get 01 (in game of Mega 1-75 choices). 

WHY THIS WORKS  > Solaris is the solar clock timing. The three degree of the sun are the field of light that is relative to our real position in time space. The three degrees represent the three levels of sun, sol, and psi (spirit) which comprise the three worlds of realms of life, including the sol (what we know as heart) and mental (what we know as spiritual or idea/thought)... and the solaris is the entire creation while the solar-is is the real ALL IS while we find this SolarIS is our experience of it.

why the world as we know it doesnt work > because we literalize or specialize this to being just one world or one dimensional viewpoint. This is really only like seeing the facts, while the reality is also cause and effect, and thirdly, it is itself. Reality is different from experience. We only recognize experiences (cause and effect physically), then we surely do not see the whole picture, or even the polarity that caused experience. This polarity is recognized as husband-wife producing child, or survival in good-bad, right wrong terms. In the numbers there are no right wrong themselves. In the reality there is no good bad. There is only what IS. 

In essence, the numbers are not life, but in essence, they are attributed to what life is physically. Can you identify the real solar-is. NO.  we can only find the real position in seeing the whole. This is the IS. We try to identify in the solaris, and in life or our own viewpoint. It is our choice how well we see, know and be in thIS. 

Are you with the real, or the solaris, or just with your own point of view? We ask you to pick the numbers from the Solaris, and from there you will SEE. 

Really we could save the world, the natural environment, and you, all at once. Now that is interesting. How? By using the money value to end the money manipulation around the world. Are you afraid of big government and big business and big religion. Maybe you ought to be, because they don't get it. 

Be Real; President Seeocean SEE FOUNDATION 

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