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WAKE UP players we are showing the WINNERS


Last Edited: October 8, 2016, 8:14 am

MEGA MILLIONS        RESULT 24 37 42 50 65 AND MB 14          80 Million Dollars         

This is a ACTUAL proof SOLARIS works 

SOLARIS CHOICE   EXACT  20/50 35 24 12 7 44  (within +-30)   close 25/24/25  6 34   25 36 71 21 15 43 

COMBINE CHOICE in order of most likely 30  65/34   36/37  14  50 24  42  17 


Solaris original posted choice    blue is exact (+-30) UNDERLINE is close

  zp 25 17 6* 1 30 34 12 7 44 48

sol tabl 30 2 7- 14= 20 24

Iscalc 25 36 51

GP 21 9 50 57- 15  30 33 35 43


WHAT IS SOLARIS .....?    SOLARIS is the actual solar clock timing and the full SOLAR positions for this world experience.                                                             We use Lottery as an example of Solaris, to demonstrate its relation to life. Now we share the Solaris to make The real awareness Here for you. 

SOLAR-IS is found on blogs and if you want to know the Real U in the Real Unuvursea (who and what you really are), the Solarist will share you the Individual Solaris and what is the SOLAR-IS. These are different, and yet much the same. Solaris is the world relations, Solar-IS your true being. 

This is to say, the IS or ALL IS is a word for the Real. The Real is not the old concepts of God. The Solar-IS is what IS in the world. The Solaris is the ALL we experience. So this is why it works to know the IS.

BE A SEER paneaglesong can be found on blog and sites as can Solar-IS. Peter is president of SEE FOUNDATION. seeocean sites of Specialized Educational Educators(SEE)   This is a world wide educators (WWE) project.

Pan works closely with NU-U presentation, which is clear, pure, and true. NU SEE will make it all Real to you.

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