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internet gambling march scheduled in washington for november


October 28, 2006 -- The voices talking so loudly against the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) on forums and blogs across are the internet will be leaving their keyboards on November 3-4 and will be headed to Washington D.C. to protest the latest US prohibition.

The purpose of the demonstration will be to gain press coverage from major news organizations such as Fox, MSNBC, and CNN (who have all promised to attend the event) in order to get the message out to the general public before they vote.

The message they are trying to get out to voters is that Republicans, led by the soon to be parting Senator Bill Frist, have begun a modern day prohibition by deceitfully attaching the ban to an unrelated piece of legislation on the last day of senate sessions.

The fact that they attached the bill to unrelated legislation about Port Security, an issue that was impossible for anyone to vote against, angered other politicians about as much as it angered the 25 million American citizens who participate in online poker.

"What could be a greater invasion of privacy than government telling you cannot play Internet poker in your own house?" congresswoman Shelley Berkley said. "This was a breathtaking abuse ... of power."

"The ban on Internet gaming was part of the Republican family values agenda. They passed it to pound their chests and talk about how they're protecting America's youth," Berkley said. "You got a bunch of ideologues running Congress. They're not interested in anything that has a modicum of common sense; they're only interested in a very narrow moral position."

Berkley insisted that the protest expressing dissent will surely be heard by politicians and other Americans before voting time.

Debbie Richardson, the person instrumental in organizing the protest against the ban, has reported to us that over 250 people have confirmed they will be attending and that many singular people said they will be bringing groups along with them.

Poker (for chips only) will be played in the streets as part of the protest. There have been rumors that celebrities who support poker may show up, and other speakers are confirmed.

"We think we have enough people who confirmed showing up for the event that could fill up the square behind the White House," and that many people, Richardson explained, will get noticed by the press.

"The more people show up for the protest the more interest the press will show," Richardson said. She also expects a large number of people to attend who have not confirmed.

The demonstators will be meeting at Washington Monument at 9 am on Friday, November 3. They will proceed from there to the White House and will be rallying in the park on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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ToddComment by Todd - October 28, 2006, 1:35 pm
Mike, can you send me a link to where you saw this? Thanks...

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