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When the sun shines, it's sunny.  When the wind blows, it's windy.  When the snow falls, it's snowy.

This really isn't very complicated.  Yet there are some of us who take simple meanings and add their own personal or political views.

Definitions of 3 words from the dictionary. 


A pacifist believes that negotiation is always preferable to war as a means of solving disputes.

He is inclined or disposed to peace.  He is not quarrelsome or unruly.

Ex: "Mommy!  Johnny called me a bad name and he threw mud in my face."

"Okay, Bobby.  I'm going to call your Dad and we'll all go over to Johnny's house after dinner to discuss this problem with Johnny and his parents. Maybe we can find out what's troubling him and work something out so we can all be friends. Okay?" 


Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.
Lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness.

Ex: "Mommy! Johnny called me a bad name and he threw mud in my face."

"What the f*** do I care, Bobby?  You're a pain in the a**. I'm watching my favorite soap opera.  Go upstairs and do your homework."


Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing.
Abusive or unjust exercise of power. Vehemence of feeling or expression; fervor.

Ex: "Mommy!  Johnny called me a bad name and he threw mud in my face."

"Okay! I've had it with that brat. You go to your room and get the new bat I bought you for Christmas and we'll both go over and beat the living crap out of Johnny.  In fact, I'm gonna git me a broom and knock some sense into that lousy whore he calls a mother.  Call your Dad before we leave and tell him to pick up some buckshot on the way home from work and we'll show them who's in charge on this block!"

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Avatar emilyg -
excellent post. i get it.
Avatar Konformthismfs -
Thanks Teach!
Avatar Rick G -
Good post, Nancy. Defines the spectrum of reaction to violence very well. Funny, too!

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