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For PB 11/01


Don't play a 00 GROUP.  You can play one number from 1 to 10, but only one number.

I'm still shocked we have not seen a 50's group in forever - since 7/22/06 - 3+ months.

In that time, we've had 8 00's, 7 10's, 8 20's, 5 30's and 8 40's. Even though thr 50's group comprises half the numbers of these other groups, you'd think they would hit just a FEW more times than they are......... 


I am playing a 2/3 split for most games, but I think something odd will happen like dual groups, I'm playing mainly 10's and 30's, or 10's and 20's.  I'm thinking if a longshot hits, it will be #36 or #37, but it could be any one of them - 44-36-37-53-11-25.


For the PB itself, I'm playing something in the 20's. 


My thoughts above are subject to change, and probably will, except for the not playing of a 00 group. 

Entry #17


guesserComment by guesser - November 1, 2006, 11:20 pm
Well, I was wrong, a 00 group hit, that knocks my percentage of predicting what group NOT to play from 74% to 71.5%........
PB was 35, I was wrong there also, but I NEVER count on hitting that damned thing.
And it was a 3/2 split.   I wasn't sure what split to play, I just knew it would not be a 1/4.

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