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SolarIS models Mega Millions Win Results perfectly


To accurately predict the Big Lotteries for about the past three years Paneagle has shown Solar-IS to a point where all players should be able to have winning tickets, if not winner JACKPOTS. We developed a unique SolarIS model using the Real Solar-IS positions of the Solar Clock and three points to focus and triangulate (number crunch) the result, while we also found the Digit model using both date and Solaris #'s  to compare and pinpoint the exact digit pairs in the result. 

The Mega Millions Jackpot last night is marked exactly and using three important keys in combination proved to be a perfect prediction model last night. 

Mega Millions result tuesday 11/16 is 23 9 71 17 57   Mega Ball 6          SOLARIS CHOICE WAS FANTASTIC 

SolarIS 6/7/37 = 6  40/42 = round 9 and 41/71  16/18 = 17   53/24 = 23  27/27 = 57  for all SIX WINNERS

SOLARIS COMBO extremely close 6 9 16 54 26 59  with two correct (6, 9) and three off by 1 or 30/1 as (17, 23, 57)   

Paneagle is working with this unique method and understanding to help players win in all drawings, all lotteries. The Purpose is also to share the Solar-IS which is the Natural Solar Clock (not Astrology) and our Real Position in the time space worlds, both for understanding of the Real Dimensions of our existence, and the Tru reality Life IS. 

Solar-IS now works in coordination with the NU IS, the NU-U, and the SEE Ocean Foundation  CARE Children are Real, natural-E.

All Players are invited to drop all preconceived notions of Life, and Numbers, the Science and the Reality, and even Spiritual Religious ideas. The Solar-IS works in reality because all things and beings are of the IS, This is not a God or replacement for the Space God worship or religious beliefs or scientific ideas. ................  ......We are only talking about what is Real, what works, and what IT IS to be aware of this. 

An easy example of this is our Solar-IS number which is the sum total or whole sum of the natural Solar Position. Of course we live in the Sun world, which is of course under the sun in creation. But the IS also extends this entirety both really and functionally into the Real Universes. It is not a literal translation, or a specific that we can identify, except in its reality of experience. This can be shared with a greater purpose, not just to raise money or freedom or even love, but to make it clear how all of these are relationIs, and the only real relation is to of or in the IS. The Sun in its light is only a symbol of thIS. 

The Paneagle and SOLAR-IS is found as Galactician and Solar-IS Solaris and paneaglesongs and seeocean and paneagle7

You are welcome to explore this Tru reality of yourself.

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