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Solaris predicts POWERBALL 320 Million


Solaris PREDICTED the Powerball Lottery last night   "THE NUMBERS ARE HERE"
No jackpot winner NOW up to 353 Million   LET US KNOW WHEN YOU WIN
16 24 28 43 61  Powerball: 21   result saturday         
Solaris list was FANTASTIC 
R'CON 57 Solar 28 58 (round up by 30 and 1) = 28    20/20/50/52 round = 21 PBall    solar RJ 46 (45,46,47)= 16 (round by 30)
            zp 23/24 = 24        rj 1 solar 30/1/1 = 61         rj 42/44 and solar 43/13 = 43   

COMBINE range groups  28/58/57     1/30/01/01/2/32/3    43/14/14/14     15/45/46/46/47/17   19+/19/20/20/50/52   57/28/58   

             shows the winners 28                61                             43                            16                           21                          28   
iT IS necessary to make adjustment of 30 or 60 or round by 1 to some numbers due to the big game 1-69 or 1-75 choice. 
Find the lists every day on SOLAR STAR LOTTERY and florida2015 FORUM. Play to win, not just to play. Paneagle has been providing these lists for the past three years. The SolarIS is the Real Solar IS, that is like an Astrology, but actually the Real Solar field. This is not just our local (earth) perspective. 
Players comment : If no one is winning, it is likely few are really following this code. The odds are 300 Million to one in powerball and mega millions.  SolarIS significantly cuts down the choice parameters to exact likely and accurate positions. I estimate this  odds for Solaris to be about 1 in 10,000 or less. 
The SOLARIS is the solar clock, using the entire field of Real Solar Numbers. There are three levels of SUN positions and seven total combinations. The real total of the Solar Position is the key degree (the seventh sun) which with the daily local solar positions works to predict everything.   It actually is like a cross of the sun and the SolarIS lines where we find the combinations to win. Then we can combine with the PYN diagram for date digits to focus numbers and digits as Pairs to find the winners. 
Our purpose is still to help as many people as possible, to predict and play well, but more, to create an altruism project where winners share the win, or at least understand it is not wealth that makes us free or even wise to know how to make better choices, and follow the Real. This Solar-REAL is about the reality of our predictions to show the real Solar-IS that is the Tru reality Life IS, and work with our Natural Environment, together. 
So we have created here the ALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT (ALP). Players are invited to play and let us know when you win.
Contact paneagle in the message IM.
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