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In search of...a Pic 3 journey


This is the Blog that I have been dreading for two months to write.
I have a basic concept of what information to present, no idea of how to present it.

I guess I should start from the beginning. it started with an idea.
what if I could offset lottery losses from Higher odds/Lower Tier payout
ratios games like MegaMillions with games that have much lower odds
and greater payout ratios? Pic 3 for example.

the ability to consistently win in Pic 3 would produce a fund that
would allow me to run wheels with a higher win gaurantee.
increasing my chances of winning a jackpot in a game like
Powerball, or Megamillions.
any prize ratio below 101% accomplishes nothing.

the following are questions that I set out to answer
when I went off on my Pic3 quest.

1)?Are some players better at certain games/states than others?

2)is thier winning just a simple application of statistics?

3)The wins that one obtains in one state, are they merley offsets
from the losses of another state?
not always.

4)If the lottery was truly random and systems can not lower
our chances of winning. then why even bother with systems?

nothing is truly random. the systems point out the lack of
randomness in each and every game. it is these very critical
points where we can use our systems to capitalize and gain
an advantage.

I decided to really give the Pic 3 a good look over for the first time.
I began an in depth study of the game. I used the forums, I spoke
with quite a few Pic 3 players, online and offline. I learned a few
different systems from different players and applied them to real
time drawings. I tracked its progress and statistics and dove deep
for patterns and trends.

First I needed to understand the odds.
you can find my conclusion in my 9th entry of this very
blog entitled "Understanding and Overcoming the statistical odds"

I began with the prediction statistics. Predictions/Top Predictors.
I needed to know who are the players in my targeted state
with the highest winning percentages.
I discovered a few frustrating flaws with this approach.

1) the top predictors page gives you the option of viewing
the top 50 most sucessful players of any states Pic 3,4,5,6 or
other games.

problem: you may see a players stats really high for your state.
you think to yourself, he's Kicken Ace! problem is you have selected
the correct state, but have the selection on all game types.
you have to be specific. further investigation shows that, this player
has made a small amount of wagers. he has won very little. the winnings
that this person has in one type of game, have offset the losses in
all of the other states games. State Statistics are figured on average
of all the games offered by that particular state. turns out this players
winnings weren't even in the game that you were trying to research.

2) you will often see a player with $10 in wagers and $40
in winnings ranked #1 with a 400.00% lifetime prize ratio.
you think to yourself, that person knows his/her stuff, and
probably has a system that will produce.

problem: the person published a single set of predictions
which in this case hit only once. the player has yet to
produce another set of predictions for the given state.
there is only one reason why someone would do that.
I won't get into it here.
However this,"hit it and quit it" players tactic gives you nothing
to work with, when you are trying to perfect your system.

3) to the left you will see the hot predictors. these
are the top players that have hit within the last 30 days.
the ones that are on "the streak"

problem: this is only a streak, and most of the time
the players were not even targeting the states that
they find themselves at the top of the page of.
for example...
they will often make predictions based on Texas
past drawing history. play the numbers in all states
pic 3 games, and luckly find thier names among
the top predictors of the Lousiana Pic 3.
Hey, I tip my hat to there accomplishment.
they made the page.
unfortunately they can be very little help when
you are trying to perfect your system.

4) there are players who consistantely post predictions and
win in given states over the course of a long period
of time. these are the players in the highest lifetime prize
ratio list with say 2,000-5,000 in wagers and 6,000 to 12,000 in winnings.

problem: some cater to your desired state, some don't.
however, if you know this in advance you can watch for thier
predictions and cross reference thier pics with your own.

problem: prize ratio's don't tell enough of the story for you to
get a clear picture.

5) the Hit Ratio lists are designed to tell you who hits more often.
it can be a useful tool when properly interpreted.

problem: the list is full of one hit wonders.
you have to keep scrolling down the list.
nothing against these players, but they are not the
type that I knew could help me master the Pic 3.

6) Hit Ratio list can tell you who's hot, and who's not.
like the Prize ratio it features the Hot predictors, those
who have the highest hit ratio in the past 30 days.
and those who have consistantely maintained one
over a lifetime.

problem: did they make that list by catering to that state?
by carefully choosing numbers from the states past history?
or did they make it by pure chance?
are they consistant hitters? or one hit wonders?

these are the questions I asked myself while viewing
the page in search of the players to educate me on
the Pic 3.


Entry #12


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