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Pic 3 journey the river runs wild


7)I began to look at the yesterdays winners page.
this page of course shows you the winning results
from the predictions of all the lottery post
players that participate and post thier predictions.
this of course is where the statistics for the Top
Predictors Page derives from.

keep in mind that the time to catch a tip from
a player is on the predictions page.
remember if you see a big hit, unless its yours,
its too late to capitalize on the prediction.

problem: it can be misleading, if not properly used.
some of these hits come from luck. some don't.
how do we sort them out?

thats where the combination of top predictors,
yesterdays winners, and prediction statistics
all come into play.

what I was looking for were players, who consistantly
posted predictions, consistantely hit, and would be
willing to share thier knowledge with me.

it was during this time that I noticed a few players
that were hitting in my state more often than myself.
I looked on the top predictors page. they were
listed, but much lower than I expected. why?
it was because of the number of pics they put out.
although they hit very often, they put out alot of
predictions to get those hits.
the search continued.

on Aug 19, 2016 I noticed a player had hit N.C. Pic 3.
I had seen this players name numerous times before.
so I decided to do a follow up. turns out
that between Aug 01-Aug 19 there were two players
that had hit the Pic 3 nearly every day.
I began to track the players predictions and results.
four more hits followed.
Player A: Aug 26 Pic 3 Eve
Player A: Aug 27 Pic 3 Day
Player A: Aug 27 Pic 3 Eve
Player A: Aug 28 Pic 3 Eve

I messaged the players and they told me a little
about thier systems. I am grateful because had they
not have, I would have never accomplished what I did.

Player B: Sept 01 Pic 3 Day
Player B: Sept 03 Pic 3 Day
Player A: Sept 06 Pic 3 Eve
Player B: Sept 07 Pic 3 Eve
Player B: Sept 09 Pic 3 Day
Player A: Sept 09 Pic 3 Day
Player A: Sept 09 Pic 3 Eve
Player B: Sept 09 Pic 3 Eve

These two kept going back and forth
like heavyweight brawlers. unbelievable!

Player A: Sept 10 Pic 3 Eve
Player B: Sept 10 Pic 3 Day
Player A: Sept 11 Pic 3 Eve
Player A: Sept 12 Pic 3 Day
Player B: Sept 13 Pic 3 Day
Player B: Sept 13 Pic 3 Eve

this was beyond all reasonable
lucky streaks or expected
winning percentages!


Entry #13


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