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Pic 3 Journey, through the forest


These players are consistant! thats what I needed to be
if I was going to achieve my goal of a 101% prize ratio.
a few hits here and there were not going to cut it.

Idea: what if I could limit my pic selection?
I would not be as consistant as Player A and B, but
I wouldn't need to be.
If I could maximize my output from each hit.
then my prize ratio would go up.

I began using box strageties. I used the numbers
from the past drawings history. I wasn't hitting.
I also used some of the predictions of some players
off the Lotto Post forums. no sucess. I gave thier system a try.
then one day I was viewing the yesterdays winners
what I saw caught me by surprise.

LottoAce: Pic 3 Eve X 5 picking up the $290
the very next day
LottoAce: Pic 3 Eve X 4 picking up the $290

these very set of hits brought a states prize ratio
form 81.16% to 106.69%!!

time to use it on my own state.

I struggled at first. the system that Player A
described to me seemed to be working at times.
I decided to start tracking these numbers on my own.
problem was is that my predictions were not matching Player A's.
whatever system player A was using it was producing far better
results than the one player A told me to use. player A did say
they used a system from back in the day. player A didn't reveil it to me.
thats ok. I didn't expect player A to tell me all thier tricks.
but A did help me out, alot!

I turned to the forums, there I found good
people who were willing and able to take the
time and explain things to me.

I learned the ropes, and started keeping a log.
I added another number generator key
and created a chart to assist me in my number

My results in N.C. are as follows..

Oct 01-31 my prize ratio is 104.24%

Nov 01-28 my prize ratio is 124.64%

I still have pics out, so Nov average might go up or down.
it depends on what hits in the next two days.
it still will not drop below 101.00%

two months in a row I have met my goal
with my new system.


Entry #14


ElinaSammy2081Comment by ElinaSammy2081 - November 28, 2016, 10:35 pm
Hey lottoace you have answered a lot of questions I was wondering about thanks for the read I feel more informed now.
LottoAceComment by LottoAce - December 4, 2016, 1:37 pm
Thank you ElinaSammy2081.
my blog is kind of a hard read, its more like a journal.
but if you can get something from it, great.
I am planning a workout presentation on my next entry.

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