CND Lotto 649 Jackpot at $36 Million


Bad news - our groups did not win anything in yesterday's Lotto 649 draw.

Good news - the jackpot rolled to $36 million. This is the third largest CDN Lotto 649 jackpot ever. I am glad we saved most of our money for this draw.

We will be spending over $1,000 on this draw. I expect to get some extra members and money before the draw date because of the size of the jackpot.

Looking forward to the draw!

Entry #8


Avatar RJOh -
If your group is spending $1000 a draw and winning nothing maybe you should change what you're doing.
Avatar LottoGroups -
We do not always send $1000 per draw. Last draw we only spent $106.

Overall, our groups have been fairly successful even though we have not hit the jackpot yet.

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