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"Cranking Up The Voter Fraud Outcry


Boortz discussing the 2000 presidential election said to the effect..... at 7 PM Eastern time the MSM announced that George Bush had won the election.  That was 7 PM in eastern Florida.  There was a military base (can't remember which one) in the pan handle where people were lined up to vote and when they heard that announcement by the all knowing news services, went home and did not cast their ballots ...... why because Bush had already won and their votes were not needed.   

However, Neal said he spoke directly with the person in charge of voting on that base and was told that due to the announcement Bush had won, at least 10,000 votes from that base which could have counted ..... did in fact not vote which would have removed all doubt about the results. 

Moral of the story don't believe anything the Lamestream Media says without checking it and rechecking it for yourself.


Oh yeah and to get an early jump on a Democratic talking point ...........


"There seems to be a slight change in the fortunes for the Democrats in the last day or so.  Even Dick Morris, who was predicting a blow-out of the Republicans last week, is starting to hedge his bets. 

Well ... if the Democrats fail to at least win control of the House in two weeks, they're certainly going to need an excuse.  They can't simply admit that they had no agenda that truly appealed to the American people. 

So ... why not get a head start on the excuse-making?  How about voter fraud!  That's it!  They'll claim that the voting machines in key House races were all rigged!  Someone, probably Karl Rove, hacked into the voting machines and threw the whole election to the Republicans? 

Original?  Not really.  Democrats have used the voter fraud excuse in the last three elections.  In the final analysis it may be that, or admit you're just not all that appealing any more.  "


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