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Why Lottery losers in life ask; Three Questions to ask?


We invite you to see LOTTERYPOST  SOLAR STAR FORUM and FLORIDA 2015 2017 FORUMS. We do post the winning number choice lists. 


Are you tired of being ripped off? Are you tired of the losing tickets? Are you tired of not finding the right numbers or coming up short? Are you tired of the stuck bottom drawer old socks? Are you tired of Life and the system that drains your account? Are you tired of taxes, toil and troubles? Are you tired of the boredom of TV media, Culture, and Politics? Are you tired of being dumbed down, human polluted by the air water land sea gas oil electronic environment and psychic invasion pollution physical world?

Are you tired of hearing all about this and not really wanting to care about it at all?  You are being poisoned, by the system environment and money rulers. You are being denied, and taken advantage off, and tap line controlled by the media! YOU sense your a winner, but not sure why you cannot Win?

We want to reduce your odds of losing and increase your chance to win. PLAY SOLAR-IS LOTTERY. 

Are you both playing the lottery of the state and national lotteries, which only they can run? This is really illegal. Individuals cannot run a lottery. It is not legal to allow the state to do something we individuals cannot. Are you seeing the very short returns on very long odds? (example 1 in 500 ticket that pays $5).   Do you think the lottery is fixed, and you cannot win because of it? Do you think the game is rigged? This is a good question to ask. Surely the chance of 1 in 300 million to win is daunting, if not absurd.  But you will continue to play random tickets to win or lose. It's outrageous. 

Do you play your intuition? and see how it is right, but do not trust it? Do you sense the world is up to a game playing with you, and you are forced to play the game their way? Isn't this always the odds stacked against you? Do you wonder that your intuition that can be right so often seems to fall short?


Well, now only seen a FEW who HAVE FOUND the lottery answer. Only a few see the paneagle posts in SOLAR STAR LOTTERY and florida 2015 2016 2017 forums. Only a few see we have been predicting the Mega Millions, Powerball and Florida lotto correctly through the past year. We have posted the winning numbers regularly and often perfectly, and we continue to improve your chances and our recorded predictions. IT IS AMAZING. So pay attention now. 

WE INVITE YOU to play your choices from the winning number choices and play winning tickets regularly, if not win the BIG JACKPOT. 

We invite you to become the real winner. First in your own being. SEE IT. be it. Next, play from a consistent SOLAR-IS SOLAR CLOCK choice list. MATCH WITH THE PYN DIGITS choice and SEE AND KNOW the results and correct choices. Continue to practice and you will WIN. 


see paneagle posts all over the internet * the galactician and One Solarist * paneaglesong * seeocean organization * Freseum *                                                  and so ON much more Lottery to win! win! win!

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