Watching Super 7


Now that the Lotto 649 jackpot was won, I will start watching the Super 7 jackpot.

Once the Super 7 jackpot gets over $20 I will start a new group. The jackpot for tonight's draw is $12 million. If the jackpot is not won, it will roll to $15 million for the November 17 draw. Tonight's jackpot and next Friday's is not supported by sales. The November 24 jackpot (if still rolling) may be supported by sales.

I do not expect to start a new group until probably for the December 1 draw.

The soonest we will buying tickets for the Lotto 649 groups is November 22. We need 3 consecutive rolls.

Patience is a key to this game.

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Something really cool... read on...

If you want to see the Ontario lottery draws live as they happen, they are drawn across from the Eaton Centre on Dundas Street in downtown Toronto.   They are drawn in front of a store-front window a little after 9 PM nightly at 20 Dundas Street. E.G. Saturday night -- the buisiest draw night-- you see Pick 3, Pick 4, Encore, Daily Keno, Lottario, Early Bird, and Ontario 49. Even a few lucky ones from the street are able to go inside and sit in the studio.   So if you're in Toronto and bored as what to do one evening, it might be worth seeing.   The Super 7 and Lotto 649 are done after the Ontario draws, however the draws people close up shop at Dundas Street and go out to Scarborough to CFTO where the draws are done for the national games at CFTO studios. You can attend those draws too, but you would need to contact the draws department at OLG and book that.

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