A Day Without Immigrants Protest Across The Country


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Avatar jarasan -
Yeah of course, without latino restaurants................ Minnyappleless, Minnysoda is gonna shut down some of the Latino restaurants, and teach everybody a big lesson, they are cutting their noses off in spite of their faces.
Avatar konane -
Cook at home. Problem solved.
Avatar jarasan -
Kinda like the when the federal govt. shuts down....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar lejardin -
Adios......how about not frequenting their restaurants.
Avatar sully16 -
Another illegal drunk driver killed a man in Indiana.
Another illegal arrested for voting 5 times, but there's no voter fraud, yeah right.
Another illegal arrested for identity theft. Will one ruin your name and credit next?
Lejardin, they get food stamps , I worked at Gordon Food Service for 9 years and watched them with their illegal food trucks, illegal catering business, no licenses, no permits, no food safety permit, not paying business tax, no paying personal tax, free section 8 housing, free heat, use stolen license plates, the list is endless.
Avatar emilyg -
We'll survive.
Avatar lejardin -
Sully, that is incredible.
You know I saw some of it many years ago, they knew how to work the system. Of course it didnt hurt that they had friends and family in the system. The women knew when their youngest child entered school, they would be off the dole. So instead of getting a job, they just got pregnant again. Families of 8 to 15 kids was quite normal in California. It appears it is ten times worse. I sure hope Trump ends this crap, it is an insult.
Avatar jarasan -
Made it, looks like we all are still here and OK!

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