CDN Super 7 jackpot at $15 million



Good news. The Super 7 jackpot is now at $15 million. Still waiting for it to go over $20 million before launching a group play.

The $12 million jackpot from last Friday was underfunded by sales by $2.3 million. I expect the $15 million jackpot will be underfunded by about $1 million. If the $15 million jackpot rolls, all subsequent jackpots in this run will be fully funded by sales.

I expect the Nov 24 jackpot to be around $19 million. If it rolls, we should see a $25 million jackpot on Dec 1.

The bad news is that the Lotto 649 jackpot was won yesterday. Still waiting for 3 consecutive rolls before doing a group play.

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