Quick Nickels (Pick-4) Tuesday 02/21/2017 - Monday 02/27/2017


Quick Nickels (Pick-4) Tuesday 02/21/2017 - Monday 02/27/2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017











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How to Play my Pick-4 System


From the Table of numbers listed convert the numbers to “Root Sum” numbers; you do this by adding up the values of each digit until you get a single digit number. Example:
say your number was 1-8-3-4, add the digits in the Pick-4 number until you get a single digit (1-9)
1+8+3+4 = 16 (1+6 = 7) Root Sum = 7.

Now go down to the chart below and match that to the astrological birth sign that matches the “7” = Libra, so those born under these birth signs might want to go after that 1-8-3-4.

With my system we try to get the digit in the first position right so that we have just a few sets to play to get a straight hit. In the case of the1-8-3-4 the digit “1” is in the first position, therefore we are hoping that that is the exact sequence the number will fall so we will play 1834-1843-1438-1483-1348-1384.

This is the “default” or universal way that we think the numbers should fall across the board good for ALL states. There is no guarantee that the number(s) will fall in that exact order in any given state.

Therefore, I suggest that you do YOUR own work outs to determine the exact sequence the number is likely to fall in YOUR state game. If you would like to get more information on state specific draw order exact sequenced picks then please contact me by private message.

Magic Wheel

With my Magic Wheel we take the exact sequence draw order and play the most money or bets on the number we hope will fall, then less on the next and so on until the last number in the Wheel. Should the number fall in the exact draw order we calculated and hoped then we will hit the number 6-times to win $30,000.00 playing in state at the local Lottery Retailer. Should the number fall in the least likely way we calculated we still have a One-dollar bet on the number and would win $5,000.00 playing in state at the local Lottery Retailer. Amounts derived by betting all six positions in the wheel for a total cost of $21.00 and One dollar insurance (Box) bet, just in case the numbers fall out of sequence in which case we still would have won a Box bet of $200.00 on the 1-8-3-4, Pick-4 number.

I welcome your questions and or comments so please don’t hesitate to write and ask.

Thank you.
~ Michael

Capricorn-1     Aquarius-2     Pisces-3     Aries-1     Taurus-2     Gemini-3
Cancer-4     Leo-5     Virgo-6     Libra-7     Scorpio-8     Sagittarius-9

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