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"Republicans Propose Halting Stem Cell Research Until Osama Bin-Laden


Credit to FreeRepublic for heads up on this gem.

"Republicans Propose Halting Stem Cell Research Until Osama Bin-Laden Dies From Whatever Disease with Which He is Afflicted


Source UnderneathPolitics.com

"Washington – Adding a further spark to the debate about stem cell research, Republicans have proposed halting the practice until it is confirmed that Osama Bin Laden has died from whatever disease with which he is infested, Underneath Politics has learned.

“There have been multiple reports that Osama Bin Laden is sick and possibly even on his death bed,” White House Spokesman Tony Snow told reporters. “Why would we want to use stem cell research to cure his disease so he can go on terrorizing the world for many years to come?”

Democratic Pundit Lanny Davis has criticized the move, saying it is just a way for Republicans to appeal to their base after the midterm election debacle. “They’ll stop at nothing to end stem cell research,” he said. “Using the hope that ending the practice could possibly lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden is plain and simply dirty politics,” Mr. Davis said.

However Conservatives point to the Democrats opposition to letting Bin Laden die as another example of their inability to be strong in regards to the war on terror. “All the Democrats have to do is not proceed with stem cell research and the monster dies,” Mr. Snow said. “But they can’t even do that. I seriously doubt Democrats will go hunt down Bin Laden now that they are in charge, therefore letting him die is our only option. Unfortunately, through stem cell research, those on the left will keep him alive as long as possible.”

New Democratic Majority leader Nancy Pelosi, who is considered farther to the left than most of her colleagues, wants to take it one step further. “Hopefully, through stem cell research, we will be able to find a cure for hangings and death by firing squad so Saddam Hussein can be cured of however we murder him and rule Iraq with an iron fist for many years to come, Praise Allah,” Congresswoman Pelosi said."

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