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for PB 11/15


It dawns on me that since I have started posting a blog here, my luck hasn't been so hot, so I may go on a hiatus for awhile. This also happened when I was posting my PB game choices, and as soon as I stopped doing that, I started hitting 2's and 3's in each drawing.
No, a 2 won't get you anything, but if you hit enough 2's and 3's, it shows you are on the right track, and maybe, just maybe, with a little luck...... 

However, if you actually have an interest in what I write here, you need to add a comment or PM me, otherwise I have no real reason to continue blogging here.........


My stats say for 11/15 to not play a 20's group AND a 40's group - one or the other possibly, but not those two together in one game.

In fact, it's likely that ONE of these groups will hit, I'm going with mainly 20's and maybe a 00's or 10's along with a 20's........ 

There was a time where damned near every time a 40's group hit, it hit in conjunction with another group - never by itself.   Go look, but there was a stretch here that a 40's group hit 14 times - 12 of them were with another group as well.......  from 5/20/06 to 9/20/06.   The last two 40's groups have not dualed, so was this just a lucky stretch ?   Will we go back to it ?     Will a longshot hit on 11/15 ?  (probably)  


I am doing some 20's groups, and some 40's groups, possibly both in one game, but I may also try a couple of 20/50 groups, 20/00, 20/10, or 40/10, I am not sure yet.

Most of my games will be 2/3's and a few 3/2's possibly.  I may also play a few slot 1 numbers...


Remember - you can't play everything, so design the scenario YOU want to play, and stick with it. 

Entry #21


guesserComment by guesser - November 16, 2006, 12:14 am
Played 10 games, got 3x5 in five of them - #11, #28 and #34.
I had #11 and #34 in all 10 games.
Game was a 1/4, so I was wrong in that respect.

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