Super 7 Rolls


More good news. The Super 7 jackpot is now at $17 million.

The $15 million jackpot was under funded by $1.7 million. I was way off on my previous prediction that yesterday's jackpot would be under funded by $1 million. I was also off when I predicted that the next jackpot would be $19 million rather than the $17 million currently estimated.

Lotto fever is not kicking in as soon as it used to. Sales each week are increasing only marginally.

I predict that the $17 million jackpot will be fully funded. If it rolls, the Dec 1 jackpot will be around $22 million. That will be enough for a group purchase of $94.


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Avatar starchild_45 -
hey i am glad you are blogging on the canadian lotto. i don't have a ticket but i want to get one when i go to canada the next time. keep up the good work.
Avatar LottoGroups -

Let me know which province you will be visiting and I can recommend a good provincial lottery to buy. There are some very good provincial lotteries. They are similiar to your state lotteries in that they have much lower odds. Some have relatively large prizes and better still, are tax free.

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