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FL-MM-MB-OH StatPath 5 Results, (OH) Sat, 11/18/06



Ok all you follower's, lurker's, and doubter's, here's one laid in your laps! Observing this occurance emerging over the past 5 drawings has been pure pleasure in studying excellence in motion! I am obviously referring to the StatPath 5 Lotto System favorably alerting all the way to an ultimate conclusion of a 5 match within the Upper Tier StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers! In addition, there were two 4 matches favorably alerted just prior to the 5 match.

Additionally, one of the 4 matches, and the 5 match emerged in the ongoing Sum Cluster, which was created over the past 8 drawings, providing for a viable sum reduction filter aiding in the reduction of total bets necessary to capture all numbers in the wheeling process.

These are some of the results which I have been advocating is possible concerning the StatPath 5 Lotto System. Obviously, this success rate only occurs through faithful observance and tracking. Eventually, every lotto system in existance provides equivalent results, over and over again, utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers...

The Ohio Rolling Cash 5 lottery pool remained in chaotic phase emerging in +F mode on Saturday, 11/18/06. This phase and mode remains favorable for wagering of bets utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers for Monday, 11/20/06. The total sum migrated downwards from 126 to 76, and the average sum adjusted from 103.8 to 103.6


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