CBC claims more lottery fraud


CBC claims more lottery fraud

The Canadian Press  /  CP
National/World - Wednesday, November 22, 2006 Updated @ 8:22:19 AM

CBC News is reporting new allegations of retailer fraud in Ontario lotteries. Earlier this month, Ontario Lottery and Gaming introduced new security measures amid reports retailers were cheating winners out of their prizes.

Now, CBC-TV's ``The National'' reports one in 10 scratch and win lottery prizes was claimed by a clerk.

The CBC quotes internal lottery documents obtained by the ``Fifth Estate'' detailing how clerks could lightly scratch a ticket with a pin to determine if it was a winner.

And it reported a Toronto statistician Mohan Srivastava found a way to decode which tickets would win one game.

The CBC says those tickets were quietly recalled.

Lottery chief executive Duncan Brown said the corporation can do better.

``We're committed to doing better,'' Brown told the CBC. ``And we want to make sure that we retain that public trust.''

The new security measures include devices that allow players to check their own tickets, better use of customer-facing video screens, lowering the threshold for when a retailer's win prompts an investigation and a more robust complaints and investigations system.

Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin, however, dismissed the strategy, saying it was little more than an attempt to soothe the ``hurt feelings'' of the public.

The firestorm was ignited last month when a report on the ``Fifth Estate'' suggested lottery retailers have won more prizes in recent years than mere chance would normally allow.

A disproportionate number of retailers have collected prizes of $50,000 or more since 1999, the CBC alleged.
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What I find equally disturbing over and above the obvious fraud and theft that has been occuring is the fact that there seem to be no appearant conquesences for those lottery officials and functionaries who by their inaction and carelessness allow these types of things to continue to be perpetuated upon the generall public . Given the responsibility and empowerment , not to mention the saleries these individiuals enjoy we as consumers of a province or state run organization should be entitled to more accountably and due diligence .

Avatar charlie5 -
Of equal concern to to purchasers of lottery products should be the lack of due diligence and integrety of the lottery system in general . If this is the best these functionaries can offer , it is time to move them on . If they are not part of the solultion then they are certianly part of the problem and are failing all of us who want to believe in the creditability of all Government operated and licienced lottery systems . Some of the vast amounts spent to encourage ticket or product purchases should be diverted to improve the security of the product delivery system . Some of that advertizing money should also be spent to right the past wrongs that have been identified over the years . It is enraging to see reporters escorted from what are offices paid for by public funds for merely asking tough questions of those individuals who are being well paid to answer them .

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